Upfundme day 22: Crowdfund - help us to protest in Bucharest against a Corrupt Government!

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It is the 27th day of Romania under the governance of a prison convicted politician!!



Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/baricada.tv/

Why are we protesting?

Because of the phenomenon of corruption is more and more present especially within the political class of Romania and I think that we need as with any other social phenomenon, to analyze both the root causes and know the effect of corruption but also to come with actions to stop it and prevent it from appearing back.

Like any other phenomenon, I think corruption has no singular root cause but it has a multiple cause like an octopus. One of the mai root causes is the fact that people accept it everywhere within our country and at any level.

That is why protesting is one of the main rights that we have and one of the few democratic instruments that we, the simple citizens, have in our hands to oppose to their abuse of power and to the increasing corruption level.

Romania which is a European Country, deserve more than a convicted person to lead the Government and the Parliament. It is our duty to make anything that stands in our power to help him resign or force him to do so.1

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Thank you for reading to the end!
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