Upvote Crowdfund - Half sovereign Part 197

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Round 196 of the crowdfund, thanks for the support everyone and should you use upfundme yourself you will get support too!

An upvote crowdfund uses the power of steemit and the #upfundme community to raise funds for your cause. In this case I would like too get a half sovereign for my niece as a investment in her future. This post will share how in time community support can literally convert upvotes to gold. Want to start your own #upfundme? read this post here. and then go ahead:)

Goal - 130 steem
Funded - 50.00 steem

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I run the curation of upfundme and manually upvote all funds and deal with pointing people in the right direction..Want to buy me a virtual pint for my efforts? you can support me and my goals here..

Bitcoin - 14kW2EXaEvDQrAMYFwuPg1eddR5FCfJRSh
Litecoin - LNmSFMcNrryTY5E7vN8kmiWK54AqUfJMyd
Etherum - 0x29ba09b3f34266d6fd7b873d36a48d399956b8c9
Dash - XptKWBkghpLcBgLfMC7AFDfLsbJrjep2Mj
NEO/NEP-5 tokens - AHb2f2ZjKx838rZNtCgZB9AcxtfFVCudJX


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