#UPFUNDME - We will not give up on you Grandpa! A little help for my Grandpa who has severe emphysema (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD )

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June 17, 2018 is father's day when supposedly everyone is celebrating this special day for fathers who are the provider, head and one of the most important person in the family.

It is their day... but sadly our grandfather cannot be able to celebrate his day because he's emphysema (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD ) attacked again on this special day.

This was taken last February 2018

Being the only grandfather left and that we have, we are really saddened by the news, we cannot be able to concentrate in our works and we are really stressed emotionally and mentally. I am in tears while writing this because I personally witness last February how difficult for him to breath even he has support from the oxygen tank.

He is suffering in difficulties in breathing and needed oxygen to able to support the shortness of his breathing. He had been to hospital from January up to first week of February and been able to recover for 3 months, he's been using nebulizer, oxygen and has medicine for maintenance.

Due to the climate in the Philippines and his severe condition, his emphysema is getting worst again, As of now he is in the hospital and has a possibility to transfer in ICU because he still has difficulties in breathing for almost 4 days now.

Seeing this photos makes me in tears :(

Being far away from him, we are just getting updates/pictures from my relatives who are in the hospital. As per to them presently, my grandpa couldn't walk, eat and sleep again because every simple activities he's doing triggers his difficulties in breathing.

His Xray and Ultrasound Result

In his almost 4 days stay in the hospital, there is still no progress. We really don't know what to do, because it is really hard to see him suffer like this. We are continuously asking for prayers for his fastest recovery.

We still don't know when he will be discharge from the hospital because of his condition, his 3 days stay already costs us 46,316.68 PHP, we already paid 15,000 in advance and they are requiring us again 20,000 today or else, if we will not give them the required amount they will stop all the medication for my Grandpa. The doctor also told them that he still needs to stay for 3 more days in the hospital because he has pneumonia. He needs to become stable before he will be discharge and travel again from hospital to home because it will be very dangerous for him, if he experienced shortness in breathing while travelling or while at home. They also need to repeat all the test to check if he has improvement.

He is not allowed to confine in a public hospital because of his sensitive condition so we are trying are very best to give the best treatment for him. God knows how really hard for us to see him like this every time he's suffering from this.

My grandpa is already 76 years old but he is still fighting, because he promised us that if we will come back to the Philippines he will be there to hug and welcome us home.

We are continuously praying to God to help him because we will do the best that we can for him. We are trying to go on with our daily lives even it feels like we are about to faint and give up. It is really hard for us but I know that praying will be the best weapon in everything.

We are humbly asking for your continuous prayers and support for him.

As of today total expenses : 46,316.68 PHP.( 866.68 USD) For the oxygen, maintenance and his hospital needs.

Target Goal: We're not expecting to get the full amount, a little support will be really appreciated.

May God bless us all!


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dont worry your grandpa get well soon..

Yes sis, we will do everything for him, thank you so much ma'am @afrinsultana

My grandpa is already 76 years old but he is still fighting, because he promised us that if we will come back to the Philippines he will be there to hug and welcome us home.

your grandpa is strong and sweet person sis.
Na miss ko tuloy grandpas ko. They're both gone.
May awa ang Dios.
Praying for his fast recovery.
God bless you and your fam

Voted and resteem

hala naiiyak ako sis. sobrang THANK YOU! God bless sis

Get well soon to your lolo...

Thank you so much ma'am @tonie i really appreciate your help. lovelots!

Get well po ...kasali po kayo sa prayers ko...be strong sis.

thank you sis sobrang help na to

resteemed with prayers sis.

thank you so much ate :*

thank you po sis @jovema

I hope and pray that sir @henry-grant will be able to see our post also.

I'll get as much help as I can just stay strong both of you and don't forget to pray for his fast recovery... I'll stay in touch and will contact you as soon as I found more help..

thank you so much sa support @kendallron Godbless you :)

ikaw na talaga, the best, thank you for ALL the help. God bless you more.

nyahahaha... ndi pa tayo tapos ui.. push pa tsaka na ung thank youhan

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Sir @madstacks Thank you is not enough for your support for my beloved grandpa. Much love for you generous heart.

we will pray for ur grandpa
Just be strong and have faith @judeeey03

Thank you somuch sir @atongis .

u're welcome po madam

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Your help is very much appreciated. Much love po

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thank you so much @c-squared . Much love

My grandpa also had emphysema but obviously this one is much worse. He only had to use puffs for his condition.

We all love our granddads dearly, they spoil us a lot, right?! 😊 I feel for you. God bless @judeeey03. May lolo feel better soonest.

Ma'am @arrlinnn thank you for the endless support, your generous heart and to @canadian-coconut . Much love!

thank you maam @arliinn :*

Stay strong for lolo @judeeey03

❤ Steemph.UAE fam

To my @steemph.uae fam Thank you for the support. loveyou all!

Magpagaling po kaagad kayo lolo.

Opo lumalaban po si lolo. Thank you po , much love

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Sure thing Judy. Hope it helps :)

Get well soon and God bless!

Sir @long888, Thank you is not enough to express how grateful we are for your help. May GOD bless you more and your good deeds.

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no worries, you know! haha

Get well soon po sa lolo mo

Thank you sis , please pray for him. lovelots

God is the best healer. Prayers for fast recovery of your grandfather sis.

thank you ate :*

Thank you sis , please pray for him. lovelots

I wish your grandpa quik recovery

Upvoted and resteemed

Praying for his fast recovery sis. Kapit lang.

Voted and resteemed with prayers.

thank you lovelots,

Praying for his full recovery sis, dont worry he will still be ok. He is fighter😊😊

thank you sis! yes he is .


I wish your grandfather to be well soon!

thank you sir .

followed, upvoted and resteemed maam. praying for your grandpa's recovery. may the Lord healed him ;) I remember my Lolo also, parang hindi cya namatay sa sakit nya na my mga komplikasyon din, feeling ko namatay siya sa pagkokonsimisyon sa mga anak niya na nag-aagawan ng mana sa lupa.. sad lang :( .. be strong po maam.

thank you sis ha.

Being one of the many supporting this great cause! Upvoted and resteemed.

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thank you so much sis.

Your grandfather must be a very strong and tough person, only a prayer that I can send from across the ocean may your grandfather get well and healthy as before. @judeey03.

thank you so much it is a big help for us.

resteemed with prayers sis.

Thank you sis! Much love.

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I hope your grandfather gets better.