Crowdfund helping my friend get gear and a bus ticket to come Tree Planting with me in BC

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Fund Goal: $1100 CAD
Funds Raised:221.31 SBD

I'm helping my friend jesse who got me into tree planting about 6 years ago he cant afford the gear and bus ticket he needs to get there this year. And i cant imagine going with out him when he got me into it a few years ago the life style changed my life and turned me into a better person.We go every year and plant over 100k trees each! we live in the forest for 4-5 months with 4 days on 1 day off 11 hour days extremely hard work fighting the weather and the bugs but its well worth it. i will be posting the gear as we get it he needs a tent planting bags boots camping gear rain gear and a greyhound bus ticket. ( He is also one of the best tree planters i have ever seen and they could really use him at camp)

All pictures of previous years!

tree 5.jpg

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