I look forward to producing what's next with our amazing team and support behind us! @pennsif - you have been amazing! I don't say it enough, but what you're doing on the blockchain is powerful! I truly believe things are changing here and as long as the core group stays strong, focused, considering others (this is so important!) and supporting one another - i believe that we will link arms and take steps forward together!

i think - no, i believe that we have the potential for this! and i believe the attendance at your show is indicating that people are READY

I am! :) and i'm ready to grow, and hoping that we can start attracting more people who are willing to believe in our Spunkee Monkee project (and.... i hope that I can do my absolute best to earn their trust to show that their faith is well-placed!)

Thank you for your kind words.

There will be exciting times ahead...