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RE: When Steemit calls your home... (yes that did just happen!)

in #upfunditionlast year

I felt my heart ready to pop out as I kept reading
Wow!!! @dreemsteem,
I feel like the Pointers Sisters suddenly.... I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it .. sorta way hahahaha
I am sooooo excited for you
Woot Woot!!!!
This is really taking off ... as it should :D
Air Hug!!!!<3


hahahahahahahahaha now you have me singing too!!!!!! and i'm laughing SO HARD because i can see us both singing and dancing LOLOLOLOL

believe me - we still have a long road ahead of us - but today feels much more encouraging!!!! and i have to admit, I'm kinda bouncing off the walls :)

one day at a time -right??? and in the mean time - let's have fun with those monkees!!! hehehehe