Did you know 60 billion kilograms of fabric is outputted annually and over 150 billion garments are produced each year, which is enough to provide every person on this planet with 20 new garments annually?

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Did you know 60 billion kilograms of fabric is outputted annually and over 150 billion garments are produced each year, which is enough to provide every person on this planet with 20 new garments annually?

We are sure it’s not a surprise that next to the food industry, textiles are the most purchased products on the planet. If you check around your home, you will realize that next to food, the only thing that you have in numbers are clothes and shoes.
The amount of fabric and the amount of garments produced annually should get you thinking and asking yourself the following questions;

  • How much energy is required to produce this amount of fabric?
  • How many trees are paying the price to produce this amount of fabric?
  • How much pollution is caused during the production of this quantity of fabric?
  • How much fertilizers and pesticides are used to grow the amount of cotton required to produce this quantity of fabric?
  • If 150 billion garments are produced every year, how many unwanted/old garments are thrown-away every year?
  • … And the list of questions continues

Don’t you think its time for us to reflect about our clothing habits?

Is there anything we can do to salvage the situation?

Yes, we can contribute in reducing the impact of textile pollution on the planet and below is a list of some simple things you can do;

1. Swap your clothes with your friends

You can organize a clothes exchange event where each person brings the clothes they no longer want and then you trade or swap for everyone to go back home with fresh items for the wardrobe.

2. Donate and Feel Great

There millions of people across the globe who do not have clothes. Donating your clothing is a great way to give back to the community while also clearing out space in your closet.

3. Be Creative and repurpose your old clothes

Check out online resources for creative ideas on how to turn an old t-shirt into something fresh and new. Or come up with your own ideas to re-fashion your clothing.

4. Sell your unwanted clothes

Resell your clothing online or at your neighborhood. This is a great way to earn some cash.

5. Invest in quality clothes and buy less

While donating, reselling, and recycling are nice, the fact of the matter is there’s already an excess of clothes in the secondhand system and this is a major issue which is why investing in quality clothing and buying less are very important in curbing textile pollution

What is ecodesigns doing?

At ecodesigns, we are training young girls in textile recycling and fashion designing in a bid to fight youth unemployment and poverty as well as fight textile pollution.


We can do more but we lack materials and machines to increase our textile recycling and women empowerment project. We have 11 trainees and 02 Training Directors but have just 06 machines which are not enough for the 13 young girls who are striving to get empowered as well as clean-up the world. It is for this reason that @ecodesigns is striving to raise funds to purchase 7 machines so that we can double our productivity and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our textile recycling and fashion designing training.

Learn more about Ecodesigns at https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ecodesigns/introducing-ecodesigns-a-textile-recycling-and-fashion-designing-hub-that-is-empowering-young-women

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5. Support @ecodesigns on Fundition to purchase more equipment to train more women and girls in textile recycling and fashion designing hence contribute in reducing youth unemployment, inequalities and poverty, improve the health and wellbeing of people and contribute in cleaning up the environment.

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