When Steemit calls your home... (yes that did just happen!)

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For the past few days, I've had jitters. Not anxiety, not nervousness, not panic - just that excitement that keeps building until you're buzzing with anticipation.

A call with the Business Manager of Steemit, Inc. had been scheduled for 10 AM this morning. After speaking on @pennsif's State of Steem show last week, I got a few new follows. One name - I didn't recognize. Maybe it was a parent, wanting to find out more about our new app, @spunkeemonkee? Maybe it was someone who wanted to ask how to get training from our amazing community, @welcomewagon?

"@birdinc" - I didn't know the name then, but I do now.

Because of two amazing people, I had the pleasure of opening up a DM with the words, "Would you like to have a business meeting with Steemit, Inc.?"

I'm pretty sure it took me about 4 tries to make my fingers type out the word "YES!"


I was strangely calm, and yet my mind had taken flight over the last few days with every imaginable scenario. I mean - how can it NOT? Steemit, Inc. wants to talk? To me? About Spunkee Monkee?? Put yourself in my shoes. How many scenarios did you just go through?

And yet, the interview proceeded as if I was speaking to a friend - a very professional and business-minded friend, but - a friend. He was genuinely interested in asking questions about Spunkee Monkee's vision, mission, and future. I felt comfortable to speak freely and passionately. For 45 minutes he listened attentively with intentional curiosity, peppering the conversation with directed questions and careful consideration.


You can fill in the blank with a lot of rumors, inuendos, facts, and opinion. Here is what I KNOW.

If Steemit, Inc. wasn't interested in growth, then why would they be calling about a brand new project that seemed to have potential? If Steemit, Inc. wasn't concerned about Steem's future, then why would they still have their ear to the ground for new ideas that draw people to the platform? Say what you want, but I was in the meeting. I don't think I got a 45 minute call to make me feel nice. I think they're still very much excited about Steem, and want what we want: consistent, steady growth spread across the Steemiverse, not only in centralized pockets. (my opinion - you are free to have your own.)


You all thought I was going there, right? Doesn't everyone want a massive delegation for their account? You ask to become a whale, don't you? Well, I didn't.

I requested something a little bit more creative. (that I thought would be a win/win/win/win, of course!) And @birdinc thought it was a great idea...

Will you stick around to see how the Spunkee Monkee story unfolds? Will you even dare to be a part of it? I sure hope so!


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One step closer to glory my friend ;)

yay!!!!!! :) hehehehe day by day, step by step :)

Congrats on the phone call and future incentives!

Not a big fan of the cliff hanger post, but I am really happy for you if you feel it will get you where you want to go. :)

Blame it on the writer in me! I always leave every chapter suspenseful! LOL

Will it get us where we want to go? Well - we are gonna give it our VERY BEST try! And no matter what - the Monkees will be having fun. (and completely unaware of everything behind the scenes! ) LOL

thanks for the encouragement! :)

Haha! Ah, so that's the ticket. (remind self to leave suspense)

Seriously wishing you tons of success!

Excellent news, looking forward to hearing what comes next...

I look forward to producing what's next with our amazing team and support behind us! @pennsif - you have been amazing! I don't say it enough, but what you're doing on the blockchain is powerful! I truly believe things are changing here and as long as the core group stays strong, focused, considering others (this is so important!) and supporting one another - i believe that we will link arms and take steps forward together!

i think - no, i believe that we have the potential for this! and i believe the attendance at your show is indicating that people are READY

I am! :) and i'm ready to grow, and hoping that we can start attracting more people who are willing to believe in our Spunkee Monkee project (and.... i hope that I can do my absolute best to earn their trust to show that their faith is well-placed!)

Thank you for your kind words.

There will be exciting times ahead...

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Day by day - it never gets old to see evidence of your faithful support!

Thank you for your educational tools, your presence in shows where I get to promote, your generous upvotes, and your willingness to shine the spotlight on us!

Will not stop being thankful to you!!!!

So so so happy for you and the project. Such exciting times. ❤️

I am SOOOO PROUD of you and your work!

Bouncy Marshmallow


Its we who are LUCKY and you who is the Charm!!!

LOLOL well how bout we can all be blessed ;)

Thank you Blue!!!! :)

Hey there,

I've been quietly watching your efforts on this with great interest.

My concern is with the Kickstarter campaign... Only 23 supporters, and only 10 days left???

Do you have any thoughts about promoting that campaign?

I've cross-posted on FB, but nobody pays attention to me...

I'm just learning about fundition because you're using that... Need to learn more. But how can we kick Kickstarter into high gear?



I have a marketing team that has been getting the word out... But I think a lot of the hesitation is that our game is connected to crypto
.. so...

Yeah, but...

Only 23 on Kickstarter?
416 on Fundition is a lot more, but $144 in support of a $10K target is literally gross... :(

I wish I had some marketing skills... :O

Crypto should be a draw, not a deterrent...

Can we brainstorm this?

A lot of people for fundition give upvotes, and they don't have large upvotes..

Most don't donate Steem, they upvote.

However, Fundition supports all of my update posts with large upvotes!
So I will be able to transfer all of the liquid Steem to spunkee Monkee and delegate all of SP- before the Beta!

I chose to do my fundition campaign through Dreem because that acciunt has a much farther reach (for now)

For brainstorming... We did some in a show today and got some ideas (apparently Reddit is a key player)

If this Kickstarter fails...we will do it again with a better plan! (Most likely after the Beta)

Sounds promising! Thanks for the details.

I'm sure you know I'm pulling for you, and praying for the best outcome. :) <3

Thank you!!! Of course I know!! And I'm counting on it 🤗

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Way to go @dreemsteem! Congrats... I've been seeing about spunkeemonkee but can't thoroughly digest it yet. We'd love to try this soon with my kid's account. Will keep on reading and learning about it. ☺️

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here are two links that would help! :)


What is Spunkee Monkee

@arrliinn - let me know if you have questions :)

@mariannewest - is this what you were looking for also?

Thank you. Will check em out

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This post is very important for you.............good.........good........good.........IMG_20181129_071229.png

it is good :)

Go get them girl, show them how it's done!


yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jack!!!!!!! :) i'm so excited - thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for me - all the encouragement, donations, cheering - most important - friendship :) and.... i'll do the best i can! :) all i can do! hehehehe

This is such exciting news! I just love that this his happening!

yay for monkees!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wow, this is pretty big and good news! It does show that Steemit is still looking after their baby, although I wasn't one that thought otherwise. People can be too quick to judge or to run on their fears...

Great that you are getting some good attention, your project is a great idea and a good way to draw in new users that are not crypto nerds!

PS, lucky you pressed the right button... Or the post would have been.. The time I hung up on Steemit!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that would have been a very very sad post!!!! LOLOLOL

well - it wasn't actually on my cell phone LOL that is just a fanshy shmanshy picture i created LOL as you clearly know. LOL why did i feel the need to explain that?

i have no idea. i'm just bouncing all day. forgive me hhahaha

and thank you @bengy!!!! We are really hoping to get some users in here and have fun while equipping them for growth in life :)


Lol, you are bouncing normally...

yep yep yep - but bouncing A LOT now hehehehehe

Oh, you Mistress of the cliff hanger!! What is it? Your more creative idea??????


Congrats!!! I am sooooooo happy for you!! spunkeemonkee is going to be big!!!!

hehehehe suspenssssse :)

thank you for always supporting me!!! :) i can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

i really hope spunkeemonkee blows all of our minds! hehehee

Congratulations, @dreemsteem Very exciting news!

yay!!!! are you doing a happy dance with me!!!!!?????

LOL! Of course, but I'm sure I'll have to work my way up to your energetic happy dance ;)

Sugar. Sugar is the key to the happiest dance! 😂😂😂

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I just cheated and had one of the kid's gummy vitamins ;) hehe Oh the guilt - NOT! lol I should have savored it more! I just scoffed that puppy down though. It's the little things.........

Keep on keeping on, you are doing great things! 😊

thank you so much!!!! we plan on keeping on! :)

Bird is pretty laid back, met him in Krakow, good people.

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Very cool :) enjoyed the conversation thoroughly! :)

Amazing. Bird inc is really nice. Cant wait to see how this plays out

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yeah he is! I'm so encouraged!!!! I can't wait for this year to unfold!!!!!

Wow! This is a really exciting news Dreemie! I can't wait to see how beautifully the story unfolds.

i can't wait to show you too - i hope it all works out!!!! and then - i'll have my PA hahahahahaha

Yes yes!! Your PA will always be here!☺😘❤

I felt my heart ready to pop out as I kept reading
Wow!!! @dreemsteem,
I feel like the Pointers Sisters suddenly.... I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it .. sorta way hahahaha
I am sooooo excited for you
Woot Woot!!!!
This is really taking off ... as it should :D
Air Hug!!!!<3

hahahahahahahahaha now you have me singing too!!!!!! and i'm laughing SO HARD because i can see us both singing and dancing LOLOLOLOL

believe me - we still have a long road ahead of us - but today feels much more encouraging!!!! and i have to admit, I'm kinda bouncing off the walls :)

one day at a time -right??? and in the mean time - let's have fun with those monkees!!! hehehehe

I usually hate to be negative, but.


Probably they called you to pickup ideas from you. Facebook's CEO did just that numerous times. Where people got wet in their pants because they speak with allmighty Facebook's boss. While he just was picking up info and was stealing ideas.


Screenshot_2019-01-14 Building better communities, creating rewarding opportunities and empowering entrepreneurs - Steem.png

Anyway, good luck with your projects!

Soooo amazing to see God moving and doing big things! I can't wait to see how this develops!! 💓

So many doors being flung open!!! I just want to START already!!!! Hehhehee

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Awesome news! Congrats! I bet after the phone call you were bouncing around and smiling uncontrollably. :D

Actually... The bouncing started the next day lol... That day I was really calm and focused and prepared and pawing the ground - waiting for our launch! LOLOLOL I'm just so READY to start!!!! Lolol

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Thats is great news, we Will follow what else is coming.

@blockbrothers are the creators of Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

Thanks for your encouragement!!!
I'm so ready to start this beta test! I think I'm more excited than the kids!!! Lolol

This last month has been all marketing, promoting, campaigning....and I'm just ready to get back to doing what i do best..

Encouraging and having fun with kids!!!! 😂😂😂

I will fill in then the... the Inc. is in trouble and they only can save it if they improve and invest in...
Congrats to you and Spunkee monkee!

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Hehehe!!! Spunkee Monkee to the rescue!!!! 🐒🐵

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LOL big change that is the case!

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In reality - my focus is doing something special for kids. I happen to love Steem, so I wanted to combine my two passions. The past few weeks I've been focusing a lot on marketing and promoting and that is so draining! A necessary part of planning a project (unless the money is already there! LOL) but it does have the ability to drain you of the passion and excitement you have for the original vision!

Just the nature of how these things work.

so.... in 2 weeks, I will be finished with this portion (no matter if the kickstarter is a success or not) and I will be enjoying learning about the monkees and learning how to encourage them and reward their hard work!

The spotlight can be fun, but it can also put a lot of pressure on the project to produce unrealistic results in mass quantities.

The value is always in the individual. Even if it's one.

And sometimes that can get lost in the frenzy for "more numbers, more success, more money"

so... i hope i can keep my heart focused on what brings me joy -helping kids and families - and i hope THAT drives people to support it.

If not - that's ok. I'll still have fun! and it will still be meaningful to me! :)

Thanks @wakeupkitty!!!

Sounds to me you know very well what you want, like and set your goals.
As long as you focus on that and you do it with your heart in it, I truly believe it will work.
I keep my fingers crossed for you, the good work and most of all.I hope you will have fun. Wish you a great weekend.

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Thank you! Yourself as well :)

I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me and my team!!!

all the best for your project. I am sure that projects such as yours will surely help steemit famous worldwide.

I surely do hope so!!!

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You did so much work behind and totally deserve the best. As you try your best for Spunkee Monkee, the best will come to you...!!

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to make this happen. ❤️

You will be getting the Monkee Master Agreement soon! (The document registering all the Monkees) Feb 1 is coming SOOOOOOON!

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i hadn't heard of spunkee monkey! Gotta check it out!

Good luck! Anything good for you will be good for Steem! Glad to hear the interest and 'help' by Steemit inc!

(i'm sending you a new Discord asap... don't you worry!)


Spunkee Monkee is gonna be soooooo fun! Hehehe

And I'll be looking for your DM :)

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well that took some 'fun' didn't it??

But it was worth it!!!! THX so much! we love the jellyfish pendant!!
Hope all is going well!

Yayyyyyyyyyy you got it!!!! I'm so glad hehehehe

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excited to see where it all ends up..

Also thank you.. the links will explain the project to me more..

Wow amazing! Congrats 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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