Upgrading to 0.19.2 - Expecting to be back online in about 2 hours - 0.19.2 Fixes a lot of bugs - Other witnesses should follow!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Dear Supporters!

We are currently upgrading @fyrst-witness to 0.19.2 which fix a lot of bugs which has been ironed out and will most definetly make users happy that they will be able to do things like editing 8 days+ old posts, etc...

Currently only 15 out of 100 witnesses run on the latest fork, an only 3 out of the 20 top witnesses, so we hope the rest of you follow and not just dick around and rest on your laurels. We the witnesses has an obligation to the shareholders who vote for us to always maintain our witness-machines and to keep steem secure, accurate and updated.

Thank you for voting for @fyrst-witness. If you have friends on STEEM who has not yet voted for us, please do so by going to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and vote for us there.

Have a Great Day :)

@fyrstikken & @contentjunkie
Owner & Operator of @fyrst-witness.

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0.19.2 locked in here as well.

Awesome great to see progress of the platform, Devs, Witnesses and Users all play a crutial part in the growth of the platform, keep it going!!!

Editing old posts? Nice!

Let's hope steem can now get on to more exchanges and also for it to not get its wallets put under maintenance on the existing exchanges constantly

Thank you for all your work as witness and running the platform as smoothly as it is now and trying to do everything to better steemit @fyrst-witness

AWESOME !!! , great post buddy,, keep it @fyrst-witness
if you like about cryptocurrency, visit my post and please help be upvote and resteem please.

thank's for your post it's a great information

nice post thank you

Keep working hard and helping make the community an even better place (even though it is already amazing) and helping it grow well!

Thanks for staying on top of this. Updating in a timely manner is one of the most important fumction

Very good update

great, thx for sharing!

One of the most dedicated witnesses known to me!


this information is very useful. thank you

your post is very nice, full pack of knowledge and very attractive :-)


I'm proud to be among the first people who updated 🤓

great !🌸

Bro iupvoted u pls upvote

you are amazing...Thanks for sharing all updates.

Thanks for you post. I'll vote for you.

COOL post tnx for the sharing upvote me if you can plz

Had a glimpse of your mini-bio!

"A Witness is a dedicated computer that run 24/7 all year in order to make the backend work so you can blog!"

Yay! I finally understand what a witness is! :D (Imagine that!? After reading all those 'witness centric' posts!)

You got my vote.

Next step: Finding which witnesses are on Wire. :) (It kind of helps to have at least one that's reachable!)

hi @fyrst-witness, I am @princessjoyesto and I voted you as my witness. hope to see your post soon. thank you also for letting me used your name as my witness.

vote and follow @rikineng

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