UN(dis)TALENTED 02: A Wall For Le Sketches and Calligraphy <3

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Hello beautiful people of Steemit and Ulog!
It's me, @tegoshei. :)

I created a new "Sketch and Calligraphy" board inside my room and it looks so much better than the usual bare and plain wooden cover.

As you may know, I'm a home-based online English tutor and I really need to have a very quiet room as much as possible. Because of this requirement, we covers the sole window of my room with a wooden board.

At first, I covered it with manila paper and placed my calligraphy or some writing on it. However, a couple months ago, I purchased an air conditioner as it's really difficult to stand the heat recently. I often had headache because of the hot, humid and unventilated room.

When we attached the air conditioner on that part of the room, I had to tear the manila paper and transfered the stuff I posted on it on my room door. lol

When the manila paper came off, it looks so bare and plain and it stayed that way until a couple days ago. I was just blankly looking at that wood one day and poof!!! an idea came.


I took out some of my re-imagined semi-realistic sketches as well as the new calligraphy I made the past days and posted it on the wooden board. Let's take a look at them closely.






Aahhh~ I am yet to find my motivation to sketch again. :) The last one in Japanese means "Do your best!" I guess there is no bare wall left in my room... SHould I start posting something on the ceiling as well? hahahaha

Anyway, I have to hit the sack now. I worked the night shift, so I need to recharge for my classes later tonight. :) Thanks a bunch for reading! じゃあね~!

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You should be CSI sketch artist. Find people like the golden state killer or the east side rapist and put em in prison.

Wouldn't that be awesome? I'd rather be in the forensics team, though. 😁😉

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I hope the heat is bearable now with your new AC.

Great idea of putting your artwork on your wall. It would inspire you to do more beautiful things and appreciate how you've grown as an artist.

Char! Bitaw oi, Love you, Shi. Hope to get a tour of your newly decorated room soon. :)

Super te.. gipiyungan nlng jud ky dli mada ang kainit.. pero naa pa q 7 months to pay.. lol.. 2 months pa ang nilabay.. hahahaha xD

Chaaaaar~ love you te! btaw.. mga karaan mna nga drawing.. bawlang kahibaw pa ba ko mu.draw og ingun ana.. lol

kabalo pa ka oi :)