Miss BIGGY Bag - From Shopping To Office - Carry All !!!

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shopping bag 1.jpg

There are lovely memories when I created this bag.... I finally finished this when I was still working and although I have little time, I always held it everyday at home wondering which part to work on. This bag had been a stress reliever after a hard day´s work in the office . You see, if you are a crafter like me, you can relate to the motto a crafter is always a crafter. For no matter how tired you are, you´ll always find time for your craft-projects that are still under work in-process.

So today, I am showing you a bag I made for my office that is huge enough to carry everything, make-up pouch, sweater, scarf, electronic gadgets and of course umbrella because of our ever-changing weather.

shopping bag2.jpg
I added a vintage mother of pearl button for the closure

I used a rest fabric I found at a textile shop and I also had a piece of leather which I discovered at the Saturday fresh market in Vienna. I cut the leather in strips to make pipings for the handles well as at the bottom part of the body of the bag.

shopping bga 3.jpg

shopping bag 4.jpg

I used a firm lining which is a material similar to a thick nylon used to line bags so that it could stand alone without support
shoppingbag 5.jpg

In due time, I was able to finish the bag a few months before my retirement from the corporate world. I was overpowered by its function, since I also use it also as an overnight bag, even my pair of shoes fitted in there.

There are so many inspirations, patterns to choose from in the web, you´ll be astound at how easy it is to make one, if it really interest you. I´m a self-taught crafter and this project is not that hard, it was just the time factor that was missing to finally finish it.

shoppingbag 6.jpg

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Thanks for sharing and viewing

wow super bag...this is not bag it is purse,in sharjah it is called purse,when i go to collage i use same shape purse,i think this is jeans stuff is it????embrodry is awesome,you are so beautiful or your bag suit your personality

Hello @noorijaz ... here, it´s the other way around. A purse is normally a small piece of pouch where you usually put your money, credit cards or the like... And a bag is something where you can put everything. hehehe

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