Help me tell her worth!!!!!!

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art by Priscillia

Priscillia is my roomate,i have known her for the past ten months. As a great observer that i am,i discovered a lot of potentials in her,some hidden,others obvious but rarely used.

She has a lot of talents i admire but she rarely use them,talk more of developing it. She is a young girl in her teens,its my interest to bring out the her in her, make her realise her worth and utilize her talent.

She is a great speaker

Good artist

Writes freely

The numbers didnt seem real
Until they started the place of integrity
creativity,intriquisity,sincerity,hunger for knowledege
They didnt seem real
Until they became lines
Dividing the poor from the rich
Employed from unemployed
Literate from the uneducated illiterates
This numbers didnt seem real
until the day it was compared to the gift of life
Which in comparison seemed worthless
The numbers didnt seem real enough
until i saw my name,my potential
next to a number that is to detect my tomorrow.

She wrote that after seeing her first semester result

Creative(makes home furnitures herself)

I told her about steemit
She agreed to join but keeps procastinating ,she kind of doubt herself and not certain of her value,to her these talents are stuff she could display once in a while when moved.

Am not settling for that,i want to drive her to another realm and i need your support to as she would read this post and all the comments.

She would be present at #steemit-in-ibadan on the 18th of November,i believe that would also give a drive.


Thanks for reading
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This is great....we would like to have her here @jeaniepearl ,hope she has registered


I hope so too

She's really cool.
Dear Jeanie's roomie, youth is a time to push yourself and try new things. Even if it doesn't work out the way you expect, you'd look back and smile because you tried. Also, it takes you steps further from your contemporaries who havedone nothing.

We live in a world where opportunities are seized. What are you really waiting for?


This is sweet @sussan
Am sure she will listen

Hello @jeaniepearl

This your roommate is certainly an embodiment of talent. And I see you have been making effort to get her on board. That's great.

Try to get her to attend the coming meet up as you had said because I believe that would give her the much needed motivation to be part of something great.



Thanks boss, will make it certain
How is your health?


Getting better. Thanks

Meanwhile, @jeaniepearl pull those shoes and send to me sharp sharp


Its stocked to my leg

With your type around her, she will certainly make it great in life especially if she believes in herself and takes good advice.


Thanks dear for your contribution

Let her keep her talent up. Steemit would have been a good place to flaunt it but if she is not sure, don't force it. You did well introducing her to a fortune in all ramification


Thanks ma for your contribution

What I'm I seeing?

With no doubt this is TALENT, she shouldn't feel #untalented because in her doings and her creativity is where talent reside..... Tell her that if she register i owe her a welcome SBD that can buy her subscription for a week....

She's welcome in advance


Nice motivation @honourmaus
She will hear


She owns the visit of the reply made by my brother bot below.... She's welcome

Hi @jeaniepearl
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Thanks ma
I bet she is in already

I'm sure she'll be motivated by the presence of array of talents she'd be dealing with come 18th in Ibadan. One fact she should also notice is that steemians are also ordinary humans like her striving to become extraordinary. We'll show love, not intimidation. Steemit is the best community to join and now is the best time to start. Thanks @jeaniepearl for the hunt.


Thanks dear
Well appreciated

It will be good if your friend join...tell her to come and showcase her talent here,am pretty sure she will like it... @jeaniepearl