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Dear friends,

his is my mom. Now that she has no partner, what we want for her is to take care of herself but no to marry again. If you know my story, my father passed away last June 2016, so, it's a challenge to her to be alone. 'Till now,
she is always longing for my father and she promised not to marry another man because my father is enough even he is faraway from us. Sometimes, I joke that if ever she'll marry again, I will hate her. She just laughs when she hears me saying that.

Now that we age, she is a senyora at home. We hate to see her busy and tired by doing the daily housechores, so my cousins are now living with us to help us doing the chores and we love to see mother to sit pretty.

Of course, our mothers deserve to sit pretty after those sacrifices they came across for us to see the world. No one is perfect. There are times that I feel that her care for me is not enough, but if I compare my life to my cousins who grow up with irresponsible parents, I am the luckiest one. Imagine, my little sister is not really my sister, she is my cousin. Her mother abandoned that time at the age of 3 months and she left the baby to us. She didn't try to contact my parents to know how the baby is until my little sister woke up with complete new family who are us. Because of too much pitiful of my little sister's story, our love for her is more than just a real sister. My parent's love for her is more than what they feel for us. In fact, she grows up spoiled, she studies in a private Christian-school with college-like fees because we want her to grow up with Christian friends and to know God. She deserves it and we are so proud of her. In her recognition last March this year, she has an honor with many awards. One of her awards is artist of the year.

Now you know that I have a wonderful parents. My mother didn't leave my father to find another wealthy man and abandoned me. Though, she loved my father in midst of poverty and the hardships in life. She did lots of sacrifices for me. If some people hate me, she is hurt. If I cry, she becomes sad. If I travel faraway, she is worried. If I don't eat, she would always mention my name to come to the table. If I am sick, she massages my back and cook food that I want.

Until now, my mother still wash my clothes. Because of my wrist illness, I can't wash my clothes. I also have a 3 years-old nephew. She use to bath him, buy everything, and let him sleep beside her shoulders. I seldom complain to my sister-in-law for allowing my mother to do her responsibilities for the baby. My sister and I's wanting is to see our mother sitting pretty 'coz until when will they sacrifice for us? Is it forever? Everytime I see her tired doing many things at home including the bathing and anything for our nephew, I become mad secretly to my sister-in-law. We are old enough to let mother do the tasks and seeing her doing all those really sucks my heart.

I don't want my mother to look grayed-hair looking. When my 60 years-old aunt visited at home, she brought her grandchildren. She looked anorexic and pale. She said that her sacrfice for her children is forever because even though her children made their own family, they make her a nanny of their grandchildren. She said my parents are lucky for not giving them a headache.

If we want to see our parents to sit pretty often when they age, we shouldn't give them a headache. My big brother, sisters and I's desire is to give our parents a good life so we avoided dating before. Now that we have the right age, my mother always seek a grandchild and she is happy my big brother gives her a baby boy grandchild.

I love to see her taking care of herself. I had this realization when we video chatted and I saw her wrinkles. I told my sister to bring her to Belo Medical center so she will look younger.

In the previous week, my mother demanded a modern style of television. My sister bought her HD smart TV. She also took her to the salon to have a hair rebond. She was very happy.

My greatest fear during my childhood was to wake up in the morning without her by my side like what my peer had been through. That childhood friend stayed at home every meal because she had no mother and father anymore at the age of 10 to cook what she wanted. She went back to her home alone everyday. She had no one to guide what is right or wrong, she had no supporter of her education and daily needs. She stayed as a young servant to her relatives. I also have cousins who have complete parents but irresponsible. They just let their children grow up without education. They are happy go lucky. As long as they are happy, what other problems should they mind? For them, nothing. They don't care if their children can impregnate women or not, they don't have plans for their future, and most of all, they leave their children to commit adultery. My relative is happy that he has gained awards and honor at school because of our support.

I am very lucky with my mother for protecting us her children, for her patience, for being my father's nd for supporter on his plans. Supporting a husband's plan is the only key to build a strong tied family. My mother is our heroine!

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I soooo love how the mom has a kilay on fleek! Pretty momma! Good job, @lebron2016 for making a good post about your mom. As a mom myself, it makes my heart melt. Stay sweet and fabulous! Cheers to your great relationship with your mom. Moms are our Earth angels. Whenever you feel down or anything, always remember that your mom is one of the best people to seek because you will always be in the same team and she will always want you to have the best things in life, sometimes even more than you do, yes!

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