Amazing adjustments that have happened to my life since i found steemit

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How Steemit affects my daily life (as of now)


To be honest with you guys, as of now im just starting to explore this platform. I just recently post only 4 blogs so far and im trying so hard to produce more contents and even at work im making drafts from any idea for blogs that comes to my mind🤣. The amazing adjustment that have happened to me is, im starting to see the potential impact of the things we usually do in social media sites. Like we post a picture of ourselves, places we go, foods we eat, things we usually dont see often and many more. What im saying is, rather than post it on social media to gather like and shares and gained nothing from it, just blog/post it here on steemit and it will become a potential income not only for me but for everyone here in steemit. 😁 And also I learned alot of many things here about the blogs of other users. Steemit connects all of us in different country so we have the chance to see and to share what our country can offer to everybody.

Right now i have so many ideas of blogs 
circling in my mind. I hope i can produce 
a good concept to that and share it to the
 whole steemit community and i hope that
 everyone will admire it and make my blogs 

That's all for this blog. I'd like to thank @surpassinggoogle for this kind of contest. Please continue to make great blogs for everybody 😁




Happy steeming friend. 😊 soon we will be better in blogging.. Lets just try and try until we succeed. 👍 😁

Yeah, practice makes perfect 😁, Goodluck on both of us 😄

Keep going Kabayan. 🙂👍🏻

Looking forward on your future blogs.Steem on! I like the way how steemit works in you, I did’nt expect you accepted my invite to join here. Happy Steeming my friend. 🙂

thank you for the opportunity for having me here 😄

You’re on the right track, sir. :)

Thank you 😁 Steem on!

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