Unscramble the Letters Game #147(Bonus Round)

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Hello Everyone!

We are now on 140th Unscramble the Letters Game. And today will be a bonus round.

About the Game:

This is a very easy game, given are jumbled letters. All you need to do is unscramble the letters and guess the right words needed. Clue(s) will be given below


  • There are jumbled letters given from Day 141 to Day 146 of this game, Unscramble one only (all letters should be use) and comment below. (Please read the Clue)☺️
  • No repeat answers, the first one who give the correct answer will be accepted.


  • Day 141 - Portrayed Thanos
  • Day 142 - Portrayed Batman
  • Day 143 - Portrayed Harley Quinn
  • Day 144 - Portrayed Spiderman
  • Day 145 - Portrayed Thor
  • Day 146 - Portrayed Superman


  • 80% of liquid STEEM payout will be equally divided to 6 winners

Jumbled Letters:

Day 141


Day 142


Day 143


Day 144


Day 145


Day 146



  • 20% of the liquid STEEM will be use for the SBI/other giveaway.
  • Prizes will be distributed nextweek.
  • There will be updates on the rules if necessary.
  • I'm open for suggestions, just DM me on Discord - atongis#5341.

Thanks a lot & have a nice day ahead!

@atongis ASAR


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Day 144: Tom Holland

Thanks mate! That's correct!☺️

Day 146: Henry Cavill

Thanks! That's correct!☺️

Day 141: Josh Brolin

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Correct! Thanks!

Day 143: Margot Robbie

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Maples, Correct!

Chris Hemsworth

Thanks for joining! Got it!

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Ben Affleck 142

Posted using Partiko Android

That is correct! Thanks!

Bonus Round closed

Ben Affleck is 142

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On my God, late
Congratulations to all

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😢😢😢sayang di me nkaabot..

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