Unschooling Roundup - One more post on MathBot.com

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Due to a couple failed DLive broadcasts, I want to do a text-only post here to talk about MathBot.com, and also some other cool shit from the world of unschooling.

I was turned on to MathBot.com by my good friend and fellow Voluntaryist @shaneradliff. It's a very cool game for "kids" (my son was able to figure out some levels and aspects of the game faster than me!) which teaches math, coding, and logic/problem-solving skills all at the same time through a seamless and fun little game involving a robot and a goal. It's cool!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 17.46.34.png

Soon there is supposedly going to be a Bitcoin incentive also added to the game, which should be interesting. Especially since my son is interested in Bitcoin as well, and has a paper wallet of his own.

In other news, today Isaiah decided to decorate his tablet case, with some glass/ceramic tiles he found at the dollar store!

There's always something going on with kids, artists, innovators, and creators, and that's the way it should be!



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Thanks for sharing.... as they say😃! We' ve been contemplating going back to Khan to do some math, but we'll give this a try. Maybe my son will enjoy it more!

Oooh thanks might give this one a shot, my youngest is finding Khan Academy boring and oldest wanted to learn more coding but was finding it difficult :)

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I think I heard Tom Woods discussing that mathbot site a week or two back. Glad to hear someone is finding it useful!