Did You Know There Are Higher Dimensions In The Universe?

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Mankind has been trying to solve the mysteries of the universe for a long time now and it seems that the more answers we find, the more questions we are unlocking.

It’s as if the universe is a giant Pandora’s box and it just doesn’t want to reveal what is at it’s heart. I am sure one day we will be able to unlock most if not all mysteries of the universe but for now, we still have a ways to go.

If the utter size of the universe wasn’t big enough to blow your mind and to make the understanding of it really tough, there are things called higher dimensions that will blow your already blown mind!

These may sound like something straight out of science fiction, but trust me they are backed by science, which states that there are at least 10 dimensions in total and although we haven’t found evidence yet, there is a real possibility we just might, one day.

What Could Higher Dimensions Be Like?


A lot of people have tried to imagine or visualise what these higher dimensions could look like. Although backed up by math, we lay men, understand something only when we are able to visualise it, but trust me it is not easy to do it with these higher dimensions.

Therefore, people try to do it in a more “hollywoody” way as we are already more or less familiar with the concept of these dimensions from the movies. I have come across many such videos on YouTube which try to do the same.

But, even when they were trying their best to explain it in as simple a manner as possible and with the best graphics and examples as possible, you will quickly realise that even that gets too complicated.

Therefore, I thought about writing this stuff down in the hopes that I might understand the concept better. I would love it if you guys could give your own ideas about what higher dimensions of the universe might be like.

Imagining Higher Dimensions


So, let me talk about the most popular way of imagining them. I am not too sure that it is 100% scientific, but it is surely interesting and gets your mental juices flowing. So, let’s start.

The first dimension is just a straight line. It only has length and no height. Then comes the second dimension (2D) which has length and height. Imagine a sheet of paper for this (ignoring it’s negligible depth). If you want to imagine what living in a 2D dimension would be like, imagine yourselves as flat landers!

Then comes three dimensions (3D) which we are all very familiar with as we are 3D beings and perceive the world in 3D. There is length, height and depth associated with this dimension.

The fourth dimension is often considered to be time itself. So, along with your physical position in the universe, this dimension also tells ‘when’ you were at that position. So, if you were a 4D being instead of the 3D being that you are, you could time travel forward or backward in your timeline as easy as you can move in physical space.

Till this dimension, things are pretty simple, but they start getting complicated from here on out.


The fifth dimension can be visualised as one that has multiple timelines with different possibilities as that would be the logical next higher dimension. I think the idea for this comes from the “parallel universes” idea or “many worlds theory” of quantum physics. The idea is that in one of these timelines, you might be a doctor and in another a president!

Imagining the sixth dimension is starting to get really tough now. What else could come above all the possibilities? People often suggest that this dimension would consist all possible universes that start with the same initial conditions, i.e. the Big Bang.

The logical next step for a seventh dimension would consist of all the different universes that started out with different initial conditions to the big bang. This would mean different laws of physics for all those different universes! Things are getting too huge for comfort now.

Now, this is where my mind reached its limits as I just couldn’t visualise a higher dimension than this, even though I tried my best. Those Youtube videos didn’t help by the way.

Anyways, I would love for it if you guys could help me do the same and would love to read about what you have to say on the matter.


Excellent post about a very interesting topic. Apparently current physics indicates that there must be 11 dimensions.

Of course, that's very difficult for us 3D / 4D beings to understand. But if we realize the simple fact that our understanding is , to a large extent, limited to what our senses tell us, the concept of more or higher dimensions is not that inconceivable.

I believe something is there because I can see it.
I believe something is there because I can hear it. Etc, etc.

But just because I cannot see and hear something, that does not mean that it is not there. The same applies to higher dimensions.

Yes, you are absolutely right that just because we don't see or hear something, it doesn't mean it is not there. Take for example, infrared or radio waves. I think our science and technology will be advanced enough one day that we will be able to detect these extra dimensions.

Here's a crazy way to realize how hard it is to conceptualize multi dimensions, but show you actually how it would theoretically feel.

I want you to think of an event in your life where you met up with your friend for lunch in the past.

1st Dimension : Where were you?
2nd Dimension: What time was it?
3rd Dimension: What was the temperature?
4th Dimension: What color was everything?
5th Dimension: What happened 2 hours later?
6th Dimension: What happened 2 hours before that?
7th DImension: What was going on to everything at the moment you are thinking about?

Now, imagine being able to access all of that information and understand what you would do with all that information, but do it as fast as if you were to take a step in our 3D world.

I like the example, but in your example, 5th and 6th dimension would not really be two dimensions but one single one, i.e. Time. But yes, I agree that a higher being who had access to all the information there is at any given instance would be able to do things that we could only consider magic today.

For every answer mankind finds about the universe, a lie is created to control and confuse the majority of people.
Sadly less than 0.0001% of the population knows the basics about the shape and nature of Earth. This stuff is pretty easy to learn too, and the information has been available to the public for a few years now.
We've all been lied to and duped on the grandest scale. Every piece of information given to us about our Earth from the media, government, education system, hollywood, nasa, ect. is a false fabrication.

I agree that there is plenty of misinformation out there and it is done for various agendas. I don't know what else to say.

Thanks for sharing this article brother :) I've always considered you to being a open minded person and this post just proves it ^^ I used to post a lot of mysticism back in the days I started steemit but with so little exposure. I'm happy to see other people that can reach the hot page speak of mystical aspects too !

Much love and all the best in your future steemit and life adventures ! <3

Thanks a lot for those kind words. I believe, as humans, it is our duty to keep an open mind. That's how we move forward :)

Did you know that Universe is inside you?

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What's crazy about those extra dimensions is that all imagination that we can put on them as interpretation has to be calculated and and can then be visualize in simplified terms that we can deal with. Science is on the verge where science and mind come together.

Interstellar has some good visualization of the 4th dimension.It's also interesting to see how close the visualizations of higher dimensions resemble stuff people see on strong psychedelic drugs.

Great post too !

Yeah, it would be great to see concrete visualisations of these higher dimensions. I also loved the interstellar movie. Did a great job of helping us imagine what a higher dimension could look like. Really interesting.

Yeah, maybe the concept of the visual is just a spectrum way too small to explain something that is plus-dimensional. Visuals can't even display all of reality on our 3.5 dimensional plane so yeah, there's that :P

Well I don't understand why we are talking about the 6 and 7 dimension even though we can't understand three or four dimension well. Well it's a great information from you and if it is right that means all of our scientist just don't know that actual existence of anything thank you

Just because we don't understand something doesn't mean we can't talk about it. That's a very limited way of living, in my opinion.

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@sauravrungta mind blown, poof! :)

haha!! Glad to know that :P

I saw a documentary one time where a scientist was speaking for 12 dimensions, it's crazy, but it's all mathematical theories. It's hard enough to imagine anything beyond 4 dimensions, going higher than that is an indulgence. Mathematicians can create as many dimensions as they want on paper, to prove any of this is practically impossible.

I read that at most there could be 11 dimensions because beyond that the extra dimensions are just not stable. But who knows right?

The only we know, is we don't know anything.

That's so true!

And I can't even do basic 3d math😥

I'm not sure if I can take it any further then you did but have you heard of "The Holographic Universe" theory? I'm not entirely sure if I understand it correctly but I believe that it suggests that reality is a projection of itself in 2D and that it repeats itself infinitely. So as you move to smaller and smaller particles, the same universe exists within those particles and it keeps going for eternity. Thats how I understand it anyway. I probably butchered the explanation of the theory though because I don't actually understand it. lol.
Like you said "my already blown mind is blown."

Yes, I have heard about it but frankly, I don't understand it well either. There is another theory that is similar to this and that is the "simulation hypothesis" where the universe is just a simulation in a computer of some really intelligent being and we are just computer code.

End result = Mind blown!

Looking outside of ourselves using scientific instruments and math is one way of discovering a multidimensional reality but another way is taking the inner path to outer space via practices such as astral projection and ingesting certain psychedelic compounds.