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in unity •  last month

You have my witness vote for sure but You already knew that. Thanks for the mention @simplymike . I have just been super busy with real life and also drug wars killing people unmercifully. It was kind of my calling in life and now it appears they have broken the game. :sad face: I will get back into posting on here and whaleshares and my first priority post is thanks to @erodedthoughts and @profanereviews for allowing us to promote whaleshares in my own way. Sorry I have been dragging ass on that but I will make it right. We have just had some hurdles this last couple weeks with race season coming up fast and our brand new motor decided it wanted to not oil the top end and fry a bunch of stuff.

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We love you and miss you to buttercup!

I wrote my first 'exclusive for Whaleshares' post today. Instead of just cross-mostinh from Steemit. Can"t help for being a liitle prouf for doing that :9)

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