[United We Light] Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime

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The World Is Beginning to Take Notice! January 2018 is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month


A few days ago my neighbor stopped in with a large book of art and a mirror. He and his wife had been studying art and ancient paintings and wanted to share what they had discovered. As we began placing the mirror in various places over the paintings I found an entirely different picture is presented. Amazing as it was to discover the hidden secrets of some of these most ancient works of art, my attention was taken to another painting that was speaking to me. The name of the painting is: Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime

The painting was done by an artist named Pierre-Paul Prud'hon in the early 1800's and conveys the message that the course of justice is relentless if sometimes slow.

The painting depicts Divine Vengeance, illuminating the way with a torch, and Justice, armed with sword and scales, pursuing a criminal.

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Justice is Relentless if Sometimes Slow

We would all love to see the world made right. Families home safe together, thriving and living in freedom to be all they can be. When we see steps being taken in the right direction, it gives us hope. I am excited and hopeful this will be a HUGE step in the right direction.

A Proclamation on Dec. 29, 2017 by President Donald J. Trump:
January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
Human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation. It has no place in our world. This month we do not simply reflect on this appalling reality. We also pledge to do all in our power to end the horrific practice of human trafficking that plagues innocent victims around the world.

Human trafficking is a sickening crime at odds with our very humanity. An estimated 25 million people are currently victims of human trafficking for both sex and labor.

We stand at the door that is being made ready to open that will allow the Light to shine on the many criminals that have violated the natural law of BEing. The vile and heinous crimes being committed are not only in the top levels of government and big business but unfortunately they are embedded in our local structures and throughout our local agencies and court systems. Unknowing citizens continue to pay the salaries and fund the operations without realizing how this perpetuates their ability to alienate families and destroy the family structure. Times are changing and we have to ask ourselves, will we be a part of making that change?



Special Message from @markwhittam with the @familyprotection Team.

Family Protection is Out of Control and Can Not Be Stopped!

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We are aligned and ready :)

Yes we are!

100% Upvoted and Resteemed, Vickie! Yes, Let's "Make the world right" in 2018!!

Much appreciated and YES this will be a year to remember!


Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and yours in this New Year....

New Year will enter tonight with midnight
We hope that it will be better than 2017 and that there will be more progress and prosperity
Happy year to all and we wish all the struggle and diligence in this year to realize your dreams
Let us make this year a beautiful and happy year for all

Love the picture. Happy New Year and blessings to you and yours. This will be a Great year!