San Simeone Piccolo

in uniqueesprit •  3 months ago


Bird's eye view of San Simeone Piccolo in Venice, I like it ;-)

San Simeone Piccolo in Venedig aus der Vogelperspektive, mir gefällts ;-)

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city is really nice ..well done great photography


Thank you very much!

What a nice city but water only water, is this water parked in water?


How you meen "water parket in water?"

Amazing every roof is Red


Thats it ;-)

Breathtaking view! amazing photo.


Thanks a lot my friend :-)

sweet shot!! Fun and relaxing flying in Venice?


I was for my own to fly, like the most i fly drone

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Wow mate, this look amazing. I've been many times in Venice but i never watched it from above, great shot man.
Are there, in Italy, any rules for flying a drone? cheers


Thanks my friend! Yes italy is to strong whit drone rules, i think this foto is not alowed...