How does it feel to be unemployed?

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To be unemployed is the opposite of being employed which is being formally or informally engaged to render service or to sell goods. Being employed comes with rewards in the form of salary, wages, or profits.

When you're unemployed, a lot of things are on the line.

1. No Rewards. When you're unemployed, there are no chances of rewards; no salary, no wages and no incomes.

2. No Satisfaction. Being unemployed It means you're unproductive. You're not rendering any service to anyone. It means no thank you for a job well done, no satisfaction from completing tasks or meeting deadlines. you're currently not improving on a job so as to become better or meet customers or clients demands.

3. Depression. Yes, You wake up every morning, people around you are getting dressed for office, you're on the bed either still sleeping or helping them to get ready for work by cooking or heating water. Its depressing especially when you have bills to pay. You either live begging or borrowing when you don't have people giving you free monies and gifts.

4.You'd be forced to show loyalty to others so you can get favours from them or help even if it means ass kissing.


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5. A source of cheap labour. If you live in the house with parents or family, you become their errand boy or girl. Selfish family folks and friends would even want to use you as a cheap form of labour for free. The day you complain, you'll be reminded that someone paid for the roof over your head. Bad enough right?

6. Being unemployed, little things pisses you off. You're either consciously or unconsciously reminded that it's because you don't have a job.

7. Demands and pressures. It keeps coming in especially if you have some responsibilities like younger siblings to look after especially in this part of Africa. The pressure keeps mounting. People keep looking up to you in expectations. Gradually, you begin to lose respect.

8. Loss of freedom. Being around some family folks when you're not productive is goodbye to your freedom. They pay your petty bills and hold your freedom ransom.

I'm currently in that state. Passed out of service some few months ago. It doesn't feel good to be honest especially because I'm not good at being idle. It is not a state anyone should be , especially if you're a young person and still in your productive years. It feels like you're not good enough or you're  wasting away. Sometimes I really wonder how people who have been out of jobs for years manage to cope with their lives.

Even though an offline job is yet to come, all thanks to steemit because of it has kept me engaged while I'm waiting.  I'm not completely idle. I'm working here and getting my rewards in steem. 

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Hey darling, I need you to hang in there, something big is coming your way soon..


Thanks Hunnie. I appreciate that. And when that big thing comes, we're gonna party together. 💃💃💃

I can relate with all the points you raised here. It is not easy at all, may God help us and settle our case.

Yes, Steemit has been of immense help, I am always grateful for the day I was introduced to the platform. But most people around dont understand the idea of an online job. You would probably be tagged an online scammer in the community we come from.

I would still love an offline job, I wont give up, I know I would break forth soon


You're very correct about people around us having limited knowledge of what an online job means and to your prayers, I say amen. Thanks so very much @jingis07 for stopping by.