Looking for a village full of soil!

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Online Desk. Drone footage shows a mysterious village in China. Where all the houses are under the ground floor. For nearly 200 years, the residents have built homes on the ground floor. There are still 3,000 people who live there.
These rooms are near the Hanan province of China. Other than 3,000 people left the house and moved to another place. These rooms are called 'Yeyodong'. It is known that at least six generations have lived in such a house.
Charkana houses are underground.
The temperature in the area is 10 degrees in winter and 20 degrees in summer. Such homes were known to have been built in China's mountainous region 4000 years ago. The cave houses were known to have been found in Sanmaxia town of Henan province. At present these homes have all modern facilities including electricity connection.
The tourists also go there to see these homes. As a result, they are saving local administration. These are not damaged by earthquakes. These are sound-proof too. Nearby places can be used for cultivation. These rooms are available at 21 euro rentals in the month. Rooms sold in 32,000 Euros The depth of this cave-house is 20-23 feet, 33-39 feet long.

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