Present From @HopeHuggs!

in unboxing •  2 years ago 

A few days ago I got a message on Discord from HopeHuggs asking to send me some batteries for my tablet pen, as she knows my situation and that I have trouble getting batteries so I can do my art.

The batteries arrived a few mintues ago.

I sure wasn't expecting this!







That's a lot of Duracells!

I think I'm good on batteries for a good long time! What do you think?

Or, Do you think I should take this as a challenge to throw myself hard into art and burn through batteries pumping out as much as I can while improving myself or at least trying to bring as many cute things and smiles to other people as possible?

What do you think, @HopeHuggs?

Holy shit, so many batteries!

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I told you there were just a few <3 (And I'm so sorry I didn't get around to take those extra photos yet)

Please don't forget those pictures!

And I'd still like to know what you think I should do art-wise.

I'd go for take it as a challenge and pump out lots of things to make people smile and improve yourself at the same time :)

She is too generous.

She really is.