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UMKA is like a decentralized labor market that has been playing an important role in the online sectors. In many ways, UMKA has created online sectors free for the general visitors of the internet due to make their time valuable. Because, the time they spend on internet, they can make them valuable and the most important thing is very important. The freelancing sectors and the online society is getting much popular day by day. But the daily observation is not so clear about the daily sectors. The online system has been developing daily by the online businesses and with the help of the online economies like UMKA.


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UMKA is like an online business. It helps people having the advantages like the online sectors free from the life of valuable income. The people who don’t find any online works for their personal needs and their, UMKA helps them finding new and collective works like the operating system of the world. UMKA is an online sectors having the great and most valuable sources of income online. UMKA helps people finding works like the others society called the others human ornaments and the online sectors. The business has been sectoring as fast as the online idea.


UMKA is a decentralized labor market. It is cool. But, the world is getting as much closer and the people are having perfect reasons for the working sectors. Because, there are many fraud and fake people who don’t deserve the trust of general talented people. But, UMKA is a fully trusted source and the world is so closer to get connected with UMKA. Here are some important solutions that has no any obstacles of the purpose :


UMKA takes only just 1 % commissions which none takes in the freelancing sectors. Then it is served to the UMK token holders.


UMKA is a decentralized way to make the online sectors easy and managements. The UMKA foundation is a really great like the republic system in a country. This ensures the system operations and developments.

Personal Data Security

The UMKA is having the great data transmissions and the users and the customers are ready to use their data and the information in one another. The users and the information holders are not fraud and it can’t be. The data is fully secured and the user can access to his/her own data as the time he/she wants.



The generation born in the 1990s and the 2000s, i.e. those aged below 35, form the basis of contemporary freelance.
Unlike the previous generations, millennials are looking for occupations which have a positive influence on the world or are exciting. They are enthusiastic users of social networks and connections in search for a permanent employment or a sideline job.


Token Distribution & Investment Distribution.png

The UMK token is an ERC20, token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. UMK is a security and an investition token. It gives its owners the right to pursue their investment interests.

UMKA will issue 180,000,000 tokens in one installment at the price of $0,1 USD per token. There will be no additional issue.



For Specialists


● Attractive freelance job opportunities

● Payment guarantee

● Professional communities

● Digital passport

● Online courses in world’s leading educational institutions

● ICO UMKA - Decentralized labor market

For Employers


● Professional integrity of freelancers guaranteed

● Project groups [a way to coordinate the work of several freelancers]

● Search for freelancers made easy

● Agile smart contracts for secure deals

● Customized staff, freelancers' databases

● ICO UMKA - Decentralized labor market -

For Educational Institutions


● Growth of demand for services

● Feedback from labor market

● Graduate employ ability

● Sharing experiences


Roadmap ok.png

Q1 2017

Idea, concept development

Q2 2017

Development of an interface demo version for internal testing on iOS and Android

Q3 2017

Concept testing in target groups

Q4 2017

Concept follow-on improvement in accordance with new market and technological trends and testing results

Q1 2018

Platform announcement; Token sale preparations

Q2 2018

Token pre-sale: 1-31 May 2018;Testing of the app in target groups;Advertisement campaign start; Token sale start: 1
June 2018

Q3 2018

Token sale end: 1 August 2018;

AgileSC follow-on improvement and testing;

Blockchain and interface follow-on improvement
and development;

Mobile and web apps alpha version launch;

Open alpha testing of the blockchain and AgileSC;

IPFS integration;

Implementation of the functionality: project groups;

Implementation of the functionality: group chats,

professional communities;

Creation of a working prototype of the mobile app;

MVP on blockchain, AgileSC integration;


Q4 2018

Beta testing of the mobile app and Blockchain launch;

UMK token listing on exchanges;

Integration of educational programs;

Integration with third-party services;

Implementation of the functionality: digital passport, testing systems, expert arbitration;

Adding operation with 7 additional crypto currencies and fiat currencies;


Q1 2019

Final release of the UMKA application;

Full-fledged advertising campaign;

GNMT integration;



Bonuses - additional tokens that investors earn besides regular tokens if they have invested a certain amount of money
● +10% = 1,000 $
● +15% = 5,000 $
● +20% = 10,000 $
● +25% = 50,000 $
● +30% = 100,000 $


Supported Currencys.png

Bitcoin ; Ethereum ; BitcoinCash ; Dash ; Dogecoin ; Monero ; ZEC ; XEM ; Emercoin ; Ethereum classic ; LiteCoin ; Ripple ; USDT ; WAVES ; EOS ; Fiat.

Users can make deals in cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, LTC and many others.

A commission of 1% will be distributed among token holders in accordance with the amount of tokens Deals in the systems are carried out through smart contracts on the EOS blockchain which enables the tracking of each operation in the public network.
So, don’t be late. The option is open for you. As fast possible become an investor in UMKA.


UMKA Partners.png


Media About UMKA.png






UMKA is a big marketplace where everyone can join and investing advantages are open for everyone. The UMKA project is very clear to everyone that is secured, safe and trusted. Investing in UMKA, none became disappointed. To make a bright future and in online markets, to prove oneself shined, UMKA is a big and great project.
So, invest in UMKA and get the most attractive features and feedback. Thank You.


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