So close to the finish of the 3100 mile - Todor Dimitrov

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Imagine running, running and running some more for 50 days and to be so close to the cutoff. But the determination of these runners and their seemingly limitless well of inner power is truly amazing. Giving up isn't in their vocabulary. Enjoy.


Day 52…To Achieve the Goal of Goals (August 6)
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With 6 days left in the race Todor was in a place no runner wants to be in at the 3100. He was off the pace by 32 miles and the finish line and his dream were quickly slipping away.

I have talked to Sahishnu and in the past there are runners who have fallen back and managed to struggle miraculously to the finish line. But he says not so late and with not so many miles.

Pick a sport and picture the miraculous goal, stepping to the plate in the 9th inning with 2 outs, or whatever nearly impossible scenario and that is exactly what Todor pulled off here over the past few days.

“It is a pretty good morning. Day 52 and I am in the mood to finish.”

Todor suggests that the hole he had been in was created purely by outer circumstances. A combination of digestion problems and other things. “It caused me trouble and reduced my speed. That is why I said to myself that no way is this going to stop me. I just have to proceed.”

What has happened has happened but he says, “what is in front of me is still the goal. So I should proceed.”

He says his solution was to change his diet to simpler foods. “The helped me to recover and have more energy. If you have good legs and good mood but do not have energy then it is not possible. It is difficult to run.”

Gradually his condition improved and he started to run faster. “Today I feel good and I hope I will finish.”

“I have had tremendous support from my friends in Bulgaria, and even from many people that I don’t know, from all over the world.” He even heard from a school teacher in Japan who was teaching the fundamentals of not giving up by using Todor as an example.

“Very interesting and very touching and that support also helped with my recovery. Just to proceed and not give up.”

“When I finish I hope I will realize all that has happened.” He feels that he has gone through a whole spectrum of life experiences.

“Now I just want to go over to the corner and do 100 more laps and we will see what will happen tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.”

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