ulog # 1 [ May 7 ] Mama's 60th Birthday

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Hello lovelies.... A gratefulvibes to all grateful and cheerful hearts.

Last night was such a wonderful time for us. We spent time with my sisters to celebrate our mother's birthday. We ate dinner together
With the most-ever loved filipino food during occasions Pansit and all- time favorite dunots.

We are grateful to god, that my mama reached 60yrs. Of age yesterday, still healthy and strong.

I pray everyday... that my mama & papa will always be healthy, strong and away from dangers and evil.

That.....they may always feel the presence and guidance from god, happiness and contentment.

We are grateful to our mama & papa for building a strong family foundation in us.(solid family).
Everyone( siblings) have own family now... but still thankful that we still have each other when we need each other, and that's what my mama & papa taught us before.

Love each other
Accept each other
Forgive each other
Give each other

If I have god and family in life, then I have everything

My mama's birthday 😘

Mama is happy 😘

My gorgeous mama!

Life's happiness!

The siblings @shielashraf @sherylneil @shaorodz (insert @dennis)

My family

@sherylneil family (insert baby Robbie)

@shaorodz family

@dennis and his 2 children in the left

Thank you very much!

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🎂Happy 60th birthday sa mother mo ma'am kumusta na po?

Ayyy hello mam ok lng po aq.
Kayo po kumusta po.... I miss you mam 😃
Ang tagal po nating hindi nag kumustahan hehehe

happy birthday to your mama po.

Marami pong salamat 😃
Pag palain po kayo lagi. 😃

happy birthday to your mama sis. :)

Marami pong salamat mam @jovema😃
God bless your family po mam.

Happy 60th Birthday po...

Maraming salamat sis😃
Pag palain po nasa kayo 😃
Happy steeming po mam.