Happy Birthday Joan. My Goddaughter

in ulogs •  9 months ago

My God daughter is Super 2 Today, she is her daddy's angel and her mummy's pride.


Everyone adores her because of her simple, joyful and Happy lifestyle.

Her smile can light up a room that is dark.
Her talks brings happiness and hope to people around her.


She is a jewel from birth, a star and a queen.

I love you Joan
Maka loves you
Hanty Maka adores you

You are special and unique.
You are people's happiness my love.


Enjoy your day indoor because of the festival that won't let us celebrate you in style..


May God continue to bless and protect you for your parent, no evil eyes shall be fall you. Amen..



We are #ProudlyGemini
#May23rd meet #June8th

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Thank you wafrica
God bless