It's Been A While But I'm Back! - Ulog 14

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Wow, it's been a while since my mom and I wrote a #ulog post. But it's ok, this is my number 14th ulog. I hope you enjoy your time with us...



This is me with my Steemit TShirt. I try to remember to wear it whenever we go out because you never know. Maybe someone will ask me what Steemit is.

I also bring a handful of Steemit cards to pass along. My mom reminds me sometimes. Or my dad. But most of the time Dad and I work together to promote Steemit.

Mom gives me a signal to get a Steemit card out then I give it away. Then Dad explains what Steemit is and how to get signed up. I hope they did sign up and they just didn't say hello to us in Steemit.

Can you see me here? We climbed up on the deck thingy to slide down.

Fun Times

We're too fast for the camera. We're here and then there.

Dad's taking the video and pictures. We are all so excited we almost forgot about baby girl. But she was having fun watching us.


The shadows look pretty cool. Who is it? Can you tell?

Watch out for the next park post. This is just the first part.

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