Chinese Garter - A Traditional Philippine Game

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Hi guys! Here I am again introducing a new Traditional Game, which I usually did.

Chinese Garter, a game requiring flexibility, adjust and coordination, is a famous game for Filipino kids, most particularly among young ladies amid their elementary years. The game rotates around a normal garter, around a few yards in length, which be brought from sewing store at around twenty pesos or less.

Let the game begin … Chinese Garter!

This is the way the game played. Initially, there ought to be two individuals holding the two ends of the garter which is extended on a level plane while others are attempting to transfer over to the opposite side of the garter. The primary objective of this game is to crosswise over the garter without being tripped. In each round, the stature of the garter increases. The garter by and large begins from the lower leg – level and after that knee – level, et cetera until the point that the garter is situated overhead. Higher rounds request agility since players jump with their feet first noticeable all around and they traverse the strap and wind up arriving as an afterthought. This implies players ought to be dexterous, rationally gifted and should have beauty keeping in mind the end goal to complete the game. Also, doing cartwheels (to cross the strap) in higher levels is allowed.

Mechanics of the game

Players are divided into at least two groups, with a base number of two individuals for every group. Amid the game, two individuals from the "it" group will fill in as "game posts" as they remain inverse each other and hold each end of the garter. The goal of the game at that point is to have the capacity to effectively bounce over the garter as it is step by step held higher by the “game posts”. Much the same as in the game ten – twenty, each group likewise has its own team leader, all the more ordinarily known as the "Mother". Once a colleague either contacts the strap or neglects to seize a specific level, the Mother can even now spare her group by taking her colleague's turn. Inability to do as such will prompt the group's end by making them the new “game posts” and will take the game back to the primary level.

The Chinese Garter game is generally subdivided into ten levels. More often than not, notwithstanding, the players may choose for their coveted number of levels for their game. Here is a case of the levels being utilized to give you a thought of the game:

Level 1 – The garter is being held by the posts closer to the ground.

Level 2 – Knee high

Level 3 – Around the height of their hips

Level 4 – Waist high

Level 5 – Chest high

Level 6 – Shoulder high

Level 7 – Head high

Level 8 – At the tip of the head

Level 9 – A couple of inches over the head

Level 10 – Also known as the Father/Mother Jump, as high as a child raising his arms high on tip toes.

Along these lines, in the wake of knowing the background and the Mechanics or Rules of the game, we should make sense of by what means will this game end.

All things considered, the game normally closes after the most astounding bounce. Be that as it may, a few children would keep playing the game in reverse. Rather than raising the garter higher, the posts will keep the strap down to its lower position. The game currently has another goal: to have the capacity to achieve the garter by bowing in reverse. The game proceeds with along these lines until the point when the player comes to back to the least level.

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