ULOGRAPHY : Butterfly Happy With Me

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Hello everyone, I came back with some photo collections, which I got today, and I hope you like the collection from me.

Oh yes, I work hard to put the best posts in steemit, all with original content, but it seems that life here is the same as in the real world, always struggling to survive and live on!






And finally, I took this shot at very close range to get the best results and I managed to do it, very happy and I try my best not to miss a day by mail, and hopefully I can give my best

Not much to say here, but just so thankful to be surrounded by nature as far as the eye can see. A sheer gratitude to be released from the chains and the woes of the big city, where I never belonged.

Thanks for visiting post by @ziapase


Pecah Bereh..!!

Thanks yaa

Waauuu kupu-kupu yang sangat indah kawan,semoga dirimu sukses selalu ya bg,gimana kabarmu @ziapase

Amin, makasih doanya ..
Saya baik-baik saja !
Bagaimana dengan anda ??

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Thanks very much

Pakai kamera apa ini bro?

Cannon adun, bagaimana pendapat anda mengenai photo ini ?

Lengkapi infonya, Bripda. Org penasaran senjatanya apa. 😂

Ha a a a ..

Biarkan orang menikmati saja Aiptu

Jernih...cerah...terasa berada di taman sambil menikmati kupu mengisap dari bunga👍👍😄

Terimakasih @ziapase.

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Thanks too for visiting

Bereh Rakan, nyoe katroh lon teuka, bak seuramoe gata

Terimong kaseh rakan katroh neu teuka bak rumoh lon ..

Kupu kupu yang cantik, bagus gambarnya

Thanks awardnya

You are welcome

bereuh2 that foto2 fotografi droeneuh lam uteum teh neujok.

Dalam hutan lindung ..Ha a a a

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