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Oh I am happy to do it and appreciate the shout out. I simply look to follow and support folks looking to be healthy, happy and pass that on to friends, training partners and family.

I don’t look to the concept of retirement as much as I do income diversification and control over my own destiny. It is a smalll start and gradual climb but steem does that for us and I count it as one of the focuses of my business.

Which business are you going to start and why incorporation over sole proprietorship? With a corporation, you are going to need a board of directors and I am happy to help out. I will happily get paid in steem!

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Hi man, always a pleasure. I got to get rid of my typos ha ha, but I chalk it up to my charming non native English speaker style.
Anyway I’m looking to somehow have a business around blogging and also personal training, shooting content and posting it as a subscription service. Im still trouble shooting.As far as the reason for a corporation is that I want a separation between my personal finances and the business. As well as for tax purposes. One can create a LLC or S-Corporation and I don’t need a huge board.
Definitely your on board with me. The great benefits of blockchain and this new decentralized economy is that one can be all over the world. It’s open space.

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Yah man. Here you can always start a sole proprietorship to keep it simple and incorporate later when the need arises. Definitely go for it and post here so that we can support you. It will also be nice for folks to see one of our own do it and learn how to make an official business of their own.

Diversification is the key for inching towards freedom, keeping sane when the job sucks, and we are all running our steem businesses anyhow.

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