#ulog No.27 - Morning Coffee with Friends 💯%original ❗️

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Good morning from Thailand dear Steemians,

Some friends invited me to join a morning coffee at their weekend house here in Klaeng. It's a little outside middle in the jungle nature with a nice fish pond in front.
They use for weekends trips, normally they live in Bangkok.
Joe, the Thai man who sit near me on the first pic is already 82 years old, but he is still healthy like others with 50, good educated with a lot of sense for humor, a really nice guy.
We enjoyed the early morning together with fresh coffee and interesting talks.
Donna came here with her sister, the owner of the land, the lady on the pic, is a well known tarot card reader from Bangkok, a very good friend of me.
This was a very nice morning to see good friends and having some nice conversations in the middle of the beautiful nature here.

Have a wonderful day and best regards



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Looks like a nice spot and I love thai iced coffee/ coffee in general


yes, it's a nice place there, but no ice coffee, hehehe

Awesome Work!

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