ULOG: 01 "The State Electricity Company (PLN) of the Mojokerto Area Has a Loss of USD 406,850 Due to Theft of Electricity"

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The practice of theft of electricity by customers is rampant in the area of ​​PLN Mojokerto Area. Proven only within 8 months, there were 3,747 customers found cheating. The amount of electricity stolen reached 5.99 million KWh or USD 406,850 .

PLN Area Manager Mojokerto Dwi Alfan said, throughout 2018 it was targeted to control Electricity Usage (P2TL) for 149,390 customers who were indicated to steal electricity. Until the end of August this year, it had raided 73,431 customers or only 49.15%.

While the total customers of PLN Mojokerto Area are currently around 1.3 million. Millions of these customers are scattered in Rayon Mojoagung, North Mojokerto, Jombang, Ngoro, Ploso, Mojosari, Pacet, Kertosono, Warujayeng, and Nganjuk Rayon Network Service Units.

"So far we have found 3,747 customers who have violated the P3 category, namely violations that affect power limits and energy measurement," Alfan told reporters in his office, Jalan RA Basuni, Sooko, Mojokerto, Tuesday (04/09/2018).

He explained, thousands of electric thefts were dominated by household customers. The number reaches around 90%. While the rest are business and social customers.

Customers who were caught stealing electricity, said Alfan, were found mostly in UPJ North Mojokerto, namely 751 customers. Followed by Rayon Warujayeng 525 customers, Jombang 497, Ploso 420, Pacet 438, Mojosari 290, Nganjuk 262, Kertosono and Ngoro respectively 201, and Rayon Mojoagung 162 customers.

The amount of electrical energy stolen by thousands of customers is quite fantastic. According to Alfan, it reached 5.99 million KWh. PLN was forced to temporarily decide on electricity supply to the offenders until the supplementary bill was repaid.

"The supplementary bill value is USD 406,850 , which has been paid to PLN," he said.

The theft mode carried out by the customers seems to vary. The most theft of electricity by making a connection without going through KWh meters. So that the electrical energy used is not included in the PLN calculation.

"The mode is mostly tapping on KWh meters, usually done by house construction workers, people have a celebration, illegal street lighting (PJU) installed in front of each house," Alfan explained.

To reduce the amount of electricity theft, added Alfan, his party has conducted socialization to the public regarding how to use electricity properly.

"Also the importance of using an SNI standard cable. Because if you use a non-standard cable, worry about a fire," he said.

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