ULOG: Our Good Old Kitty is in Labour

in ulog •  5 months ago

Yes, she was pregnant for the nth time. She should already know the feeling. She have been there, done it. Successfully.

But this time is different.


Since yesterday morning, she was in her "hospital" already. This was the place she gave birth at her previous pregnancies.

My heart melts as I see her still there lying down, feeling all weak. Her tummy is buldging. It must weigh much given her thin body. She was very choosy in her diet. Almost never eating anything. I worry about her.

I miss the old Kitty.

No "meow-ing". No purring.

The night passed and her kitties were all still inside her. If there is something I could to ease her pain.

Makes me think, even animals feel birth pains.

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wow, ang cute!

meron din kami pusa, tumatanda na rin pero, still kicking


Opo, cats are cute. good to hear your pusa is still kicking.

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I love cat sleeping so nice White clr

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Poor kitty. I hope all goes well.

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