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I've asked myself many times - where are we collectively in the Crypto Market Cycle?

  • In each instance the question had to come all the way back to me. Where am I within the market - what are my feelings - what are my emotions?

  • It's been a process in learning to identify and articulate the specifics of my emotions and feelings. It is a skill that cannot ever be too's a point of ongoing refinement...a sort of "perfect practice" that just continues to develop and expand.

  • Anxiety and Denial - This is where I think the Crypto Markets are at the moment. Anxiety - everybody looking to report the 'good news' to keep things alive and positive....believing so much so that it is the news that moves the market. The news does help with things...but it's more about how the news influences emotions and feelings. All the good news when the market is in a correction is the necessary information to keep the majority positioned as bag holders for the minority of players who are willing to swing trade without any emotional attachment. Denial - this isn't going down...everybody knows we're going to the moon...that crypto is long term and it's best to just hodl. Why do so many people say just hodl? Because they are also hodling and it is the hopes that if people will not sell than the price will not fall - a bit of fear and insecurity here. Reasoning is rationalized and thought to be even of great integrity to just shut up and hold on.

Where do you think we are within the crypto market cycle?

I wonder if enough people shared the same principles - could this manipulate the market in a way that is favorable to the majority of participants?

Has there ever been much discussion about market movements for the collective betterment of humanity?

Please do Share your Best Here - Thaaaank YOU!

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Cheers to STEEM POWER and this ongoing incredible world wide social experiment!

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  • What I like about this social experiment, is the fact that it's success is directly dependent on ordinary people everywhere - where there's a willingness to say,

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The fun is just starting

No cheat sheet
Just a very old and well known pattern chart..
That said you bring up some great points and information
Upvoted indeed

Greed and fear moves the Markets. Supply and Demand moves prices within the Markets.

It's a busy chart, but Smart Money pushed price down from $20k to $6k. Smart Money is suppressing price to accumulate Bitcoin. This is the accumulation phase before the appreciation (move higher) phase. In a nutshell in are in the first inning of a nine inning game.

Upvoted and resteemed.

I felt 'disbelief' today. I hope to feel more of it. Not sure if I believe today's sentiments actually match where it is in the chart above.

Seems perfect after yesterday's pump the psychology is in play now the FOMO begin

I do agree with you we are indeed

Anxiety and Denial phase

While like the good news the bad news also are taking the affect and yes lets wait and HODL and be the point and be ready for anything !

We are where they want us to be, everything is a massive control :O