Ulog # 9/7 Some thoughts - minnow builder - and randum a 11.5 hour post

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This is something I have noticed. It bothers me because I discuss parts of it all the time and people still don't get it. And it is a total waste.

If you look at your vote value and its 0.00000000 . Why on earth are you voting. Here is the only acceptable answer.

  • I make a comment on a post
    When I get a reply to my comment I give it a vote and make a very good reply to it.
    9 out of ten times I get a vote back for engaging.

Ther that is the only answer. If you do not understand it ask !!!!!!!!!!
Make sure you have dustsweeper to increase your rewards that are under the dust. If you do not have dustsweeper there is nothing wrong saying so. It will tell me not to waste a vote on you that could go to someone who would benefit from it instead of my vote going into the trash. Or I will get the vote above the dust.

I hope you understand what I am saying here. It is Important. pifc is dedicated to helping redfish become minnows.

Let's talk about something positive.

@minnowbuilder, a pifc initiative.
This is a way to receive a vote on your post. But also we will identify 10 redfish that we will assist them until they reach minnow statues. Every time one of the ten reach minnow status, we will select another redfish to take their place. Thats two ways to increase your account. This is the first step.
Here is the link to the last post.

There are a couple of post in the blog you should read.

This would not have been possible without the help of @andrewharland. Thank you

I have been working on this post since 10 O'clock this morning. 11 hours ago. I feel so bad about it I don't even want to post it. I have made a commitment to all of you and I might have hit a bump in the road. I will not let you down. It just might take a little longer. Life will always throw us curve balls. How you come out on the other side is what matters. I believe this in my heart. I am way to pig headed to change.

As always I will answer all comments. I think steem went down so I can only give a vote no lower than 0.01 If I can keep my VP up it will be around 0.02. I hope you have dustsweeper.

Don't forget to look at @minnowbuilder. If you have a question tag @thedarkhorse.

@tryskele are we working on a logo. LOL just a thought
I have not been up to speed.


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I have stopped voting on comments on my posts because the value of Steem makes it very difficult. Now I can only upvote a couple of comments since I don't want to waste my VP with votes that will be rounded down to zero... 😑


Yea I know the price is a problem. having same issue. I hope people have dustsweeper


I have @dustsweeper... but it's not superman. They are limiting the service to two saved comments per day, per user... or else, with this market they'd be draining their voting power every 5 minutes. :-P


I didn't know that. thanks makes a big difference

Ya I use to vote for things when it was low just as a hope it would help but I saw that didn't work that is why I bought like 25 steem really fast. I get that not all can do that. But I have always tried to comment.


You do a nice job here on steemit. most can't. but they all can comment. commenting builds a base, a foundation that will pay of in the long run more so the a quick vote here and there

Because every little votes counted as support, not only to get benefit from it, imagine if all the planktons have no guts to vote any posts because they know they MV worth for nothing?

In my case, I voted because I support, I don't vote because I have to share my vote to others too.. which doesn't mean that I don't support great initiatives😊 people have prefference and it's not all about growing bigger in short time or by investing all you have on steem. Everybody has their own strategies, and the nature of this platform is "nobody can't stop you"

11 hours😯 in your situation..that's cool. I need a day to post a good one like this. Don't you miss Mighty Mo? If only you can drive him to those stubborn dust voters to remind them once again😉


I wrote a response I don't know what happened to it LOL.

I understand what you are saying. Why leave a vote on a post that you will not receive any reward from and not make a comment.
People do not realize the importance of commenting.

You do a great job commenting I wish people would do 10 % of your comments.
Today I saw accounts where no replies were made to the people who made comments on their posts. Its the I want your vote on my post but I am an super important redfish and don't have to reply on your comments. but keep making comments to me.

Its not all of them but enough to make you wonder.

This was my point
I have an app that tells me how much your vote was and I can see if you made a comment and your blog is only one click away. I can see you have 60% Voting Power .

OOHHh we have had rain every day the grass is out of control. its so high that it covers the dogs LOL

Might mo will be put to the test