ULOG: September 2, 2018 Where have my dishes been?

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One thing I didn't like about Facebook

People sharing what they had for supper.
So in memory of that dying platform, here's what I had for supper... haha

I share this photo as a spring board to share a bit about my life...

That is a rib-eye, zucchini & potatoes.

  • I grew that whopper of a zucchini. I normally don't let them get that big, but it had been raining nearly every day and I hadn't checked the garden for awhile. That's 1/3 of a zucchini we cut in half and scraped out the oversize seeds.
  • I had planned on firing up the grill, but we had a thunderstorm, so this was all broiled in the oven.
  • Can I tell you about that plate? It's from my submarine! I was a nuclear reactor operator, electronic tech on the sub... No, I didn't steal the plate. They switched from oval to round plates. The chef Chief Petty Officer knew I had recently gotten married and asked if I wanted a stack. He gave other stacks to friends who had also just gotten married, but I don't remember who they were. These plates have moved around a lot with me...
    • After I got out of the Navy, I moved to Minnesota to manage a time-share campground.
    • After it turned winter, that job pretty much dried up, so we moved back to Missouri and rented a farm house from a family friend. At least it was a roof over our head while looking for a job...
    • I took a job with DeLaval (the milking equipment company) as a research & development electronic tech in Kansas City by the airport. I stayed in a hotel (with a shared bath and shower) during the week and the wife and kids moved into government housing in town by the farm. So the dishes moved there.
    • We finally found a house on Lake Arrowhead. There was pretty good fishing there, so we ate a lot of wild (the opposite of tame... just making a joke in my head, not sure if I care if you get it or not haha) fish on those plates while we lived there.
    • The government bought out hundreds of thousands of dairy cows, so DeLaval downsized. I was one of the lucky ones to be let go. I moved here to the farm in the old farmhouse for awhile so I could look for a job.
    • I hired on as a salesman for an electrical wholesale company. I loaded up my dishes (and a few other things) and moved to Wichita.
    • I got transferred to Dodge City. I loaded up my dishes (and a few other things) and moved there.
    • I realized my over-the-road truck driver brother was making a lot more than I was as a salesman, so I decided to start doing that.
    • We moved back to the farm.
    • That job lasted about 10 years, about 1 million miles driven. I discovered the Internet in '95. We just happened to be involved with a guy who had some pretty cool products. We were able to market those products and it was while looking for a cheap way to advertise that I discovered the Internet. I decided to be a webmaster. That's what I did full time here at the farm until the septic tank collapsed.
    • Mom has a duplex. She lives downstairs and the upstairs was available, so we (me and my dishes and a few other things) moved there. Around 2000, my youngest boy Dan came to live with me. I realized I wasn't making enough to support both of us, so I took a job with the city on the Street Department, thinking I would transfer to the Electric Department when and if an opening became available. It did...
    • Along in there somewhere I met my second wife. We bought a house so moved all my stuff there.
    • That didn't work out, so I moved back upstairs and brought my dishes and a few other things.
    • I had become a Journeyman Lineman, but the State put pressure on the city to hire another Water Operator so one could always be working while the plant was running. I did that. Hey, it paid the same at that city and was an easier job, so why not? That's when I saw an ad for a small town looking for a utility superintendent. They liked my resume (it is quite amazing actually), so I moved my dishes there.
    • That was good for several months. I met my 3rd and final wife there. The council decided they wanted to shut down the power plant. I butted heads with them because they had contracts they would have to break if they did that. Oh well, I worked 60-80 hours a week on salary, so it was time to move on anyway. haha. The next day, I was hired on at a power plant at another town. That was a really cool job, since they had jet engines coupled to generators. These engines were actually used in the Vietnam War. So I move this wife and my dishes there. This is where she went through cancer treatment. It was the perfect job to do this with. My "weekend" was in the middle of the week, so I could take her 8 hours away to treatment up north of Chicago. We are just getting ready to go back for her 7 year checkup. So far, cancer free! woohoo!
    • Things got a bit boring, so I was always looking for a better job. I was given the opportunity to move to Greeley, CO to be the Chief wastewater operator for JBS packing house. The largest beef packing house in the US. So we moved there.
    • All was good. I had tweaked the plant to discharge directly to the stream without using the lagoons. I enjoyed the challenge of running that plant. We had been back home a couple of times. Another grandson was born. My oldest grandson had grown a head taller. Wow, they grow fast and we were missing out. And the wife simply hated the Greeley area, since it was semi-arid. We had a cactus in our front yard. Very few trees around compared to Missouri. We had found a house to rent to own and were actually looking to rent a U-Haul to come get all our furniture. Mom, just happened to call. "Do you think you will ever move back?" Mom, you know there's no decent jobs around there. "Well, I just happened to read that Princeton is looking for a Chief water and wastewater operator." Talked it over with the wife and instead of renting a truck, I interviewed for and got that job. We found a little apartment to rent so moved there.
    • We found a rent-to-own house, so moved there. Come to find out the house had major water and sewer issues and the roof leaked.
    • We found another rent-to-own house. We were unable to get a contract, so started looking for options. And it had pretty bad electrical and sewer problems...
      • WizNOTE: There probably is a reason why people want to do rent-to-own instead of sell. Lesson learned...
    • That's when I found a nice double-wide and decided to move it here to the farm.
      • And here, God willing, I will spend the rest of my life eating off dishes the Chief chef gave to me about 40 years ago...

Hey wakeup!
I'm done with my story... :D

WizNOTE to self:
It takes about 1250 words
to share where all you have lived...


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You have been around and had lots of jobs, sir. Those plates have lasted a while and hopefully a long while more!


It's been an adventure! :D

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