ULOG: Sept. 6, 2018 Met a founding member of the Dept. of Homeland Security

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Happy September 6th everyone, (Even though I'm writing this a day late...) (Well, I didn't get it posted yesterday, so now I'm 2 days late and it's 2320, so I may actually be 3 days late.)

  • Shout out to my brother Rick
    Ho Ho Ho Happy 63rd birthday!!!

You just never know who you are going to meet. I met a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. Shook his hand and chatted a bit about it.

We are up in Zion, IL for my wife's 6th year cancer free checkup at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She was needing a new set of dentures, and setup an appointment with a specialist she found through Google. His office was actually about 20 minutes away in Gurnee, IL.

  • I thought it a bit strange that after the initial consultation, he told us he wouldn't be available the next day until after noon. He is the local coroner. I did find his website Cooper for Coroner. He must have been elected...

It wasn't until the next day, I noticed this interesting plaque on his waiting room wall.

Be it known that
is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security,
dedicated to preventing terrorist attacks within the United States, reducing America's vulnerability to terrorism, and minimizing the damage from potential attacks and natural disasters.
Tom Ridge, Secretary
Washington, D.C. , March 1 2003

So, I asked him, "How did you become a founding member of DHS?"

  • He said he went to ground zero the day after 911 to help identify bodies.
    • My first thought was how all those first responders got sick or worse.
      "Are you doing OK? I understand a lot of people got sick from being there."
      • Yes, I'm fine. A few of my friends have had problems.

Very interesting man.

More pics from his waiting room....


Dr. Cooper has also served his country by being a part of two federal government teams: Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT) and Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team Weapons of Mass Destruction (DMORT WMD All Hazards).

The morning of September 11, 2001, Dr. Cooper was activated, along with other members of DMORT, and the following day were flown on an Air Force C-130 from O’Hare Airport to New York. The team had many functions, but Dr. Cooper worked at Ground Zero and at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner helping to identify victims of the horrific attack.

After Hurricane Katrina, he was activated as part of the DMORT WMD All Hazards team. His task at this event was victim recovery, decontamination, and identification. Dr. Cooper spent five weeks in the New Orleans area helping to bring closure to the victim’s families.

And on top of that, the wife's dentures turned out GREAT! She didn't have to go back in to have them adjusted. That's very unusual.

I personally do not believe the "official" story about 911. There was no doubt several things that happened on 911. Many people were injured or died. I don't deny any of that. I believe some in the US government let this happen on purpose. That purpose being to have a reason to attack Iraq and take down Saddam Hussein, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with 911.

Red flags in my eyes:

  • The Pentagon was hit. There are weapon systems in place to prevent this. Also fighter jets should have scrambled to protect it.
    • I have total faith our military would not allow the Pentagon to be hit by a commercial jet.
  • After hearing all day, some guy living in a cave was responsible for these attacks, I heard on the news his sister and family were being allowed to fly out of the country. What!?!?!? That makes absolutely no sense. When I heard that news the evening of 911, was the first time I even considered our government was at least complicit with the 911 attacks.

It's late, so this is going to be a short post.

Tomorrow we head to see kids and grandkids in Cedar Rapids.

I hope you had a wonderful day!!!


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Wow this is a small world! Interesting read about the gentleman. Makes me wonder about many things.