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We got to go fishing a bit and caught one, but that's not the story I would like to share.

  • Quincy (10 yr old grandson) - I don't think we're going to catch anything.
    • Dan (30 something son) - You need to turn that around and say the positive of that statement.
      If you think and talk negative, the negative seeks you out.
      If you think and talk positive, the positive seeks you out.
      • Dad/Grandpa sitting over here gloating a bit, because that's one of the things I tried to teach my boys.
    • And there is proof he listened
  • because there he is teaching it to my grandson.



Earlier that day we had to catch bait.


This is our crawdad pond. I didn't mean to lie to Quincy, but I did. I told him it's a little over knee high all the way across the pond. haha His eyes got kinda big when it ended up being quite a bit deeper! haha


The wife got a haircut

She had been growing it out. Got tired of it and decided to cut it to about 1/2 the length.

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Love how your son is passing down the wisdom that you taught him.

I signed up for Q, please verify me. It was really easy!


That's how easy Steem should be to sign up for!

It hasn't happened to me yet, but it's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most. Hearing my words coming out of their mouths, after all the balking they did when I said them. "I'm never going to say that to my kids!" Aha!

Of course, by the time they do, they won't even realize where the words are coming from, so I won't even get credit. But I'll be able to sit back and smile just like you did, knowing that in the end, not only were they listening, deep down, they agreed with me.

Or else, they figured out with certain situations, there's not a whole lot more you can do. The words just kind of tumble out and you stick to them. :)

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