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Magandang buhay Steemians!Whats up guys?How will you fight boredom guys?Some people might says that they will fight boredom through writing notes,watching t.v.,playing mobile games,tuning at facebook,and other recreational activities that can fight against boredom.So today allow me to share my #ulog story and its all about how I fight against bordome!


Just this morning, I went home into my hometown which is Daanbantayan.I arrived around 10:00 in the morning.When I arrived in our house I get bored!So,I decided to went my grandmother's house and look for a butong or a young coconut.


So,I started climbing the coconut tree with confidence.And I reached the top and look for the best butong that is ready to plucked!.Okay,in case if you are wondering how did I reached to the top,Well,guys this particular tree had carved out in the trunk for me to climb easily.Actually guys,my feet are shaking when I start climbing this coconut tree.


So, I start pulling down the butong carefully.Then,Gotcha!



Beating boredom does not need to be too complicated,there are actually ways on how you can deal on it without spending too much.Its just a matter how will make you feel satisfied to get rid uncomfortable things.


This is what happenes when Im bored.So,Yeah!Forgive me if I am too annoying.This is me.Hahahahahahaha.I hope you enjoy.

Certified #ulogger,


Magandang buhay sa iyo! ^_^ Bakit sa coconut tree pala talaga napili mo Kuya ! Hahaha xD... already followed you po ... sana follow nyo rin ako back Hahaha... nakaka-good-vibes tlaga tong post nyo... sarap ng buko ah!

...hello @talentedkid,thank you for dropping by,,wala kasi akong magawa kaninang umaga kaya ang pag akyat sa buko ang napg tripan ko..hahahahhahah...

Ahahaha... that's okay... kailangan tlaga makaiwas sa hypostress or boredom.

daghan jud kag kuha dong hahaha

daghan bya og kalubi-an si lola te..hahahahha...

Namiss q tong ganito. Sarap buhay probinsya 😄

hello @elizahfhaye,theres no place like home ika nga.hahhahah.sarap talaga mabuhay sa probinsya,sariwa ang hangin,at higit sa lahat pwedi ka ring maghingi nang malunggay at asin sa kapit-bahay mo.Nakaranas ka rin ba ng ganito @elizafhaye 😇.?

hello @ibnuhubban,thank you for dropping by,,.my feet are really shaking when I reached at the top.

Haha....nice way to fight boredom. You can become spiderman and get a shot at a movie or something.

Oh, and the butongs are refreshingly cool and nutritious.

hello @wameyo,thank you for dropping by,I hope that I would become a spider man,so that I could climb the tree without shaking my feet nextime ,I will just use my web!

Hei, riding of a tree is very hard so

...hahahhaha...hello @rayhan02,yeah you are right it is very hard climbing a coconut tree.

hala, kamao lagi ka sir mopalangit dha, ingat tawn nxt tym

Hahaha, kamaayo gud nimo mokatkat diha ug lubi... Nindot di ay mamotong diha sir?

...nice kaau dri mamutong maam kay daghan kaau butong din libre pa xad,where as anhi sa city ka mahal kaau i think tag 30 each.

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