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Magandang Buhay #uloggers?!How are you today?I hope you are doing great.Well,today allow me to share with you The Beautiful Strawberry Farm in Dalaguete.


It was around 3am this morning,when me and my friends arrived at South Bus Terminal.I was very excited because it would be my first to time to pick and eat strawberries.We arrived at exactly 6am in Dalaguete.We immediately hired a "habal-habal" for us to reached the farm.It was quite cold on that time.I cant explain the excitement that I feel.We arrived in the farm at exactly 7am.


Finally,we reached the farm.And I was very happy that I watching this lovely strawberries.My face filled with a large smile after watching and roaming around the farm.


After a while,our tour guide tell us that they have newly harvest strawberries and it is for sale.So,I immediately go to their warehouse and have some strawberries.Lets eat #uloggers.


Thats it for today guys,beacuse I have to enjoy first here in the farm.

Certified #uloggers,


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Enjoy your tour @thian2817! I haven't been there yet! But I bet the place is lovely!

..hai @indayclara,actually I'm still here at the farm,yes, youre right the place is so lovely.I wish you can visit here soon.

You should have told me, I could have gone along with you! I would have been your awesome photographer!

...by the way @indayclara,dont you have a plan to visit in Daanbantayan which my hometown,I can assure you that you will enjoy there.

@thian2817 I have been there a couple of times already! Indeed the place is freakin fabulous. Ako future goals are places na wala pajud nako na visit.

..aahh okay,youve been there na pala,I hope that someday I will be your travel buddy.

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