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"Working abroad is one of the greatest ambition of my life"

Good day Steemians!Today,allow me to share my #ulog 2.0 sad story.My #ulog 2.0 sad story was all about my cancelled flight and work bound to Taiwan.


It was April 3,2018 when I started to apply at J.S.Contractor Agency Cebu as production worker.Yes,they entertained me very well,because they know that I am very qualified.As the days goes by,they texted that they will have their examination and interview.And luckily,I passed the examinition and the interview.There were almost 300 applicants and only 25 applicants that was hired,and I am one of them.The thing goes smoothly,orientations,medical exams,completing all the documents.Then,the agency divided us into two,the first batch and second batch.There were only 9 members on first batch and sad to say I belong to the second batch.


April 9,2018 they sent us in Manila for us to process our working visa.Actually guys it was my first time to ride an airplane.In Manila,We had a contract signing it was stated there how much is our salary,3years of contract,and about the rules and regulation of the company.It was also stated there that this coming May 16,2018 will be our deployment date.




We stay in Manila for almost 1 week while waiting the approval of our visa.After our visa was approved we sent back here in Cebu and wait for our deployment date.


Yesterday,I received a text message from J.S.Contractor Manila,which is our main agency and just take a look to this my dear Steemians!

"Danentech, we are sorry to inform you that your deployment on MAY 16 is cancelled due to drastic changes in Solar enery changes. Clients of your employer have pulled-out all their product orders that caused them to cancel your deployment since demands have decreased. However, in order for you to still continue your dream to work abroad, we will help you find new company to line up your application. "

What a shocking news Steemians!I cant express the feelings that I felt this morning.I want to cry but I cant!I want to scream and shout out loud and ask Lord?why did you do this to me?I did a lot of prayers but it seems like you didn't answer all of it.I face and embrace the reality that our flight was cancelled.Though it hurts but I have to accept it.


Thank you for reading Steemians.I hope everything will be fine.And I hope all of our expenses will be refunded as soon as possible.

And that's it Steemians my #ulog sad story for this day.



You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Yesterday,I recieved a text message from J.
It should be received instead of recieved.

sorry for the misspelled word.

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