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My greetings good people of Steemit, I share with you this achievement achieved by my son, he loves to play football, I am proud to attend each of his games and see him squander his talent when he steps on the pitch. For the lovers of this sport, they know the adrenaline that it feels like to be on the court.


After 5 months of collective effort, overcoming injuries and quality of the rivals, the team of the Centro Italo Venezolano, became champion of the U-14 category, in the tournament of the Venezuelan Football Federation, of the South zone of the State Anzoátegui, Venezuela, after defeating by a convincing 7-0 to the team of Atlético Guanipa.


This achievement was achieved through teamwork, where delegates, coaches and players came together and worked together to achieve the prized trophy. At the end of the meeting, both teams joined hands, as a sign of the good performance obtained during the journey, in the end, this kind of achievements leaves a very valuable teaching, with perseverance, discipline and teamwork can go a long way.


I am proud of my son Luis, who was named the team's most outstanding player, because with his talent and skill, he managed to score 10 goals during the tournament, as well as taking the baton as captain and distributor of the game, being the team's spark plug and taking him to the championship. Congratulations to all the children who brought their talent to their respective teams, they gave their best, excellent work.



The pictures were taken with my Samsung J1 mini prime phone.

Greetings and until the next opportunity.



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