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The idea of “Being lost” and “Feeling is empty” are overrated, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. And there will always reasons why.

Yet in the face of doubt, fear, and loneliness we can always pretend that we’re fine. It’s even more overrated though and yet again, doesn’t mean we can’t.

The world is still kind as I thought.


This is the only new perspective I've got from the trip. I wasn’t so sure how, but as soon as I wake up the day after, I realized the world is still nice and still worth the fight, and it sure because I made it there.

Mt. Batolusong on the other side was maybe just another mountain conquered but not until I realized I was the one it conquered.



We rented a private car, and from Caloocan City we headed to Brgy. San Andres in Tanay, where we looked for the Mt.’s drop off.

As usual I love the road, when taken at dawn.

Plus we made a really nice day start at some really roadside eatery.


this is called Lomi Batanggas, but made specially by the locals of Sampaloc, with the store's pride- their homemade kikiam



Actually, Batolusong was not the first option. It is supposed to be Maynoba, but it changes as we near the Hiking Jump offs. We also lost our way, since we really don’t know how to get in Maynoba’s Drop off via private service. As we took the Road, we came up with the suggestion of looking for another Mountain to see. And I always wanted to try Batolusong since I heard about it.

So without second thoughts I suggested it, and then unexpectedly we made it there. We were ended betting up, to what Jump off shows to us first, that is where we are taking. And just a few minutes of tracing the road, the Batolusong’s signage was there just before we realized it.



It was almost a 3 hours trek to get there. The mountain feautured a vast grass lands. It was so hot, that if you are planning to go there, you should wear sun block, and bring an umbrella which both we didn’t. at least we all have caps.

The Assaults are overwhelmingly so much for us. Since it was almost 3 months since my last hike.


1st Peak



2nd Peak

There were 3 peaks we had taken. The first and second were fine, until the third peak that we needed to use rope to make it to the top. It wasn’t that challenging for me, but rather made me more excited and really made me feel that getting there was not in vain.

The view is really breathtaking.




3rd Peak

Finally, before we went home, we also went caving and take a swim on the water flowing from it.

When I said Batolusong conquered me, I mean It tested me. It almost told me to stop, and go back but at the same time, it asked me to be stronger.


It has always been so nice to rest and relax especially when you feel like time is really running fast and you think your world is falling apart with any universal reasons.

Pain will really change us, but would rest also do? Maybe. Maybe for the better.


THANK YOU FOR READING I would like to hear from you. :)

Please also do watch the video clip my acquaintance prepared.

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Wow lapit lang yan dito Marikina. Matry nga din minsan jan.😊

Try nyo po. :)

I realized the world is still nice and still worth the fight, and it sure because I made it there.

The world is always beautiful. We just have to explore it and find the beauty in different corners. 😊

You are very clever to have the idea about Mt. Batolusong ready when you got lost on your way to Mt. Maynoba. That really seems an adventurous hike with your friends! The views are great specially from the peak. Thank you for sharing your adventure. How long did it take you to reach the third peak?

Your adventure sounds exciting. That gave me an idea for a next destination. 😊 I featured it on my post which is an entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. You too can join.

Thank you for coming by! Thank you for the support!

Thank you for taking us with you on your journey! I really enjoyed that! Especially now that it's too cold for much climbing here in the Rockies!

I found you thanks to @macoolette's entry into the Pay it Forward curation contest. Keep up the great work!

Many Thanks!!!

how high is the mount batolusong from the sea level @therainbow? is it one of the famous destination for the hikers? really enjoy to read your story and adventure with your best friends too. and what's that breakfast made from or what you call it? it must be really delicious and good source of energy for all of you.

we never conquered anything in the world but our own ego and you've learned that in your young age, Congratulations! found your post through @macoolette entry post in the pay it forward contest this week

Nothing worthwhile is easy I guess, so I'm glad that you fought your way and conquered this! :)

I found your post because @macoollette featured you in her Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry :) Please feel free to join us next week with an entry of your own!

Thanks you so much! :)

Thanks for sharing your awesome adventure which I have found after @macoolette featured in her entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

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Hello that was a good trip you went on. I like the words you shared. Have a good day. I found this post cause @macoolette put you into the Pay It Forward Contest. Good Luck in that

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