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I'd love to be rich; to make the kind of money that'll have you sit up straight when I walk in the building but the truth is, sometimes I'm scared of what that'll do to me. I mean, can I realistically handle the kind of wealth possessed by Mark Zuckerberg and other rich nerds? I fear for what I'd become.
I imagine being rich would be super awesome, like I'd probably buy like large areas of land and I mean acres for my self and walk around naked in my space, to feel at one with nature and Just to make sure my shit stays private(literally cos I'll shit everywhere), I'll install self activated antiaircraft guns to shoot down trifling fucks that want to see my expensive ass.
I've always fancied colourful footmats to wipe my boots so I'm probably going to employ a qualified professional to wipe underneath my shoes with. Someone with a bachelor's in Engineering to be precise.
My dream has always been to buy a country but considering the political dynamics of it all, I've decided that I'll put in the works to starting my own country, it'll require 50 women, a perpetually erect penis(so obviously no British women) and fertile sperm. Abraham did that shit in the Bible, I'll definitely be doing mine.
Call it insanity, call it whatever you want to; its a dream to me and someday, I hope my dreams come true. They just might too.
I nominate @dobartim and @jerrybanfield to make entries.

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Bonus: Make people pay to see your naked ass, shit-fill-A land and the cool-ass self-activated antiaircraft guns.
In that order.
Free monies.

I like the way you think

gOTTA MaKE do WiTH whAT YOu hAve