Quite Frankly, My Dear... [ulog #2]

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There's water in the air. I can feel it. Having been born and lived in the Deep South all my life, I am accustomed to the high humidity that hangs over much of the southern US in the summer. The heat can have an almost oppressive feel to it with all that humidity behind it. One quickly learns not to trust the thermometer without factoring the humidity into the mix. Factoring the humidity into the temperature yields the Heat Index or "feels like"  temperature. The trick is to yield to it, to go with it, to bask in it. At least insomuch as that is possible.

I went into a store the other day and their air conditioner was cranked so high that I had goosebumps on my arms and legs. I almost wished I had brought a sweater into the store with me, even though it is August. When I went back outside, it was a relief to be enveloped in the warmth again. I got into my car, which felt like a sauna after having sat in the direct sunlight while I was in the store. I closed the door to the car and just sat there, feeling the heat penetrating my skin and warming my heart as much as my body.

Yeah, there's water in the air — humidity, not rain. Just moisture, hanging there. I can feel it. Hell, I can see it, like a haze all around me, enveloping everything in a dense, moist wrapper. There is a peculiar, unmistakably thick feeling to the air in summertime.

This time of year, dark blue sky is a rarity in the Deep South, as the humidity is so high that the entire sky takes on a very pale blue or a whitish color, even when there are no clouds at all. The photo below depicts that phenomenon clearly, taken on a humid summer's day not far from where I live.That is not an overcast sky in the photo below, but rather a cloud-free, clear-but-hazy day with bright sunshine beating down, fiercely.


When the humidity is very high and clouds are present, they often appear as ghostly apparitions, almost there, almost not, against the grayish-white backdrop.


And there is another cloud, hanging above that mountain...


I love the South, but I thank the Goddess that I don't have to wear a hoop-skirt and petticoats as I am transported back to my Tara, as did my fore-mothers. Without the modern miracle of air-conditioning, I honestly don't know how women survived in the olden days while living in the Deep South while wearing those long dresses with multiple layers of petticoats and such. The dresses were beautiful back in the 1700s and 1800s, but, still...

I clearly remember summers when we visited family in south Georgia during July, with temperatures hitting 104⁰F (40⁰C) with 98% humidity in the air. One can almost set a wristwatch by the regular 2:00 pm thunderstorm that erupts, lasts for 20 minutes, and leaves steam rising from both the dirt as well as the pavement afterwards. No one had air conditioning back in the 1950s and 1960s, so there was no recourse from the heat except to keep the windows open, fans running to circulate the hot air, and drink lots of lemonade to stay hydrated. I clearly remember when one aunt and uncle had air conditioning installed in their house and what a curious thing it was! All the family had to go over there and see it, ask how it worked, and feel the cool air for themselves. I don't recall when that happened, but perhaps it was around 1970 or so. Over the next decade or two, other family members saved their money to have air conditioning installed, too. I never lived in a place with air conditioning until 1998.

On the day I took the self-portrait at the top of this post, I paired the little black tank top with a floral skirt which my mother gave me, and flip-flops — which is my preferred footwear if I am not wearing heels. That was much more comfortable on a steamy summer day than a "Gone-With-the-Wind" dress!


ThanksForReading.png 😊

   1 Wikipedia: Heat Index


a big hug is due to @enginewitty for designing the following personal banner for me 🤗





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the second tag. LOLOLOLOLOL

hey - you got it? flaunt it! LOLOL oh my gosh - i'm laughing...
but! yes - do you even wonder why those poor women fainted???? heat - dresses. corsets - geez hahaha


I Know, Right!!!
We need more postings with this tag, or maybe start... #boobs4Undy ???
😋 😎

How U doin' Dreemy?


hahahahahaa or Undies4Undy? LOLOLOL
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I'm good!!! Missing all the fun that we had with @saffisara with that hilarious bot! LOLOL

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how are you ;)

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Lovely Selfie, you should write something to go with it!!!


I could never understand how they used to walk around in those dresses myself. No wonder they used to faint all the time hahaha. Enjoyable read and I can really see what you mean by the heat with that one photo of the hazy sky.


yeah high humidity and a corset must have been hell ...



😋 😎 😍 😘

I think there is vast difference between 1970 temperature and todays temperature...easy to manage in fans but hard to live...now

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Yeah it was a lot hotter in the past, at least in my area...
in 2014 we had an overnight low of 37* F IN AUGUST!!!
Central Indiana. Wow. Lots of cooler summer weather this year too.

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Been a while....hope all is well?

I just love your flow! The way you write is so soothing and lovely. Do you write any fiction?

thanks for this lovely lovely post!

Thanks to @shadowspub and #PYPT I found this post!


I have, indeed, written some short stories, some of which are posted here. There will be more to come in future posts, I'm sure! Thank you! 😊

I like your attitude... the heat's there and I'm going to soak it up... LOVE it <3
Gosh, can you imagine being in one of those heavy, layered dresses in all that heat?! And of course all the boning and corsetry underneath the bloomin' things. Smelling salts at the ready!

E x

Yikes. I don't miss the east or the south. I used to have to haul hay down to Florida and pick up produce there or in Georgia to bring back up. It was not too bad in the winter but generally, it went all year long.

Way too muggy for me.

But you’d look mighty fine in one of those fancy dresses — your nail polish would pair well with one. 💜

It’s been a crazy hot summer here, though not quite as humid as you describe. I have no AC and some days have been incrediby difficult to endure. All I can do on those days is lay on the couch wearing nothing but panties, hugging an ice-pack and occasionally spritzing myself with a fine mist. 🤪


lol! Zippy, you're painting quite the picture there. ;-)

KittyGirl, you caught my attention with the lovely selfie. As for the humidity, last time I was down south I lost 8lbs in a week, and I'll attribute some of that to the humidity. A/C is a wonder, though. I can't imagine how hot it was in those pretty dresses, or how they even caught their breath with corsets on!

If you get any more daring with those self portraits you might have to start using the NSFW tag , just saying.
I know that exact feeling of being to cold on a hot steamy day when you go in a store or restaurant. There are a couple places I like to eat at that I avoid in the summer time because they keep it so cold in there, I swear you could hang beef in the dining area and it wouldn't go off temperature based on health department standards.
Nice post Tiffany, a real down home post.

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I totally hear you about this heat. I'm originally from Michigan where sure it got hot and humid, but never above 90 or so. Now I'm in Kansas where it regularly reached over 100 for weeks at a time not including the heat index, which was typically 10 or more degrees added on. And worse yet, over this past summer our crappy apartment complex has broken AC and still hasn't fixed it (it's been over 4 months) so we had to go through the process of keeping the blinds shut but the windows open and fans to circulate the air and our freezer overstuffed with ice in various forms for not just us but our pets too so they didn't get hurt because of the heat.

Heat sucks. Give me 6 feet of snow and 0 degrees any day over this nonsense XD

Love the tag Kitty Bear! Omgosh, gonna have to start using that one lol😎🤗😍make a contest for it or something😋

I the vintage dresses, and I have hiked through the Pyrenees in a corset but I wonder if manybof the famous tendency of girls to faint was just heat stroke like this Summer here has been pretty dystopian hot, cant imagine anything butba tank top and no bra lol for survival

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Without the modern miracle of air-conditioning, I honestly don't know how women survived in the olden days while living in the Deep South while wearing those long dresses with multiple layers of petticoats and such.

They were prone to fainting and melting in the heat. They lived indoors, in the shade as much as possible. It must have been absolute torture.

I live in the tropics, close to the beach so I am used to handling the heat. I can't take cold. When we go into town, all the banks and large supermarkets are air-conditioned to the point of ridiculousness. 18C or 64.4F when it is 38C or 100.4F. My granddaughter (5 years old) wanted to go to McDonald's the other day. It was so cold in there that she asked to leave!

Keep those puppies cool! Nice photos!

Living in a tropical country, I can't say I really like the humid, but I am definitely glad I don't have to go through winter!!