ULOG #17: Dear Diary ......

in ulog •  5 months ago

I've been trying to write a ULOG for days, and just haven't had the time. (What an epic excuse!). And I'm not one for excuses. My motto is just get it done! So, I juggle! The good news is that Jamie (@eventspeaker) and I are getting more and more speaking engagements all the time. The challenge is getting the scheduled, because we want to say yes to every opportunity that comes our way!!

So, this week alone we are on 2 expert panels, and we are MCing a really fun show at Slice Of Las Vegas coming up! More on that later!

So, in the meantime, steem is down very low, so, now is a great time to purchase one of our Steem Creators conference tickets for only 100 Steem! Or you can use the link below! We really do hope to see you there!

The other fun thing we started today was our new DARE to be Great Give Away on our Facebook lives, and we are looking at how we can add value to this platform and run the same sort of concept here on Steemit! So, be on the look out for that coming up soon!!



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