Whatever Dood - September 2018

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What's up everyone? It's already past the first week of September and time for another WhateverDood. This is my monthly blog post that I just type out whatever is on my mind. Hopefully it doesn't come out to incoherent.


The number one thing on my mind right now is internet censorship. Man this topic just chaps my ass! Whether you're a fan of Alex Jones or hate the guy, what happened to him should be alarming to everyone.

In a coordinated effort by big tech companies, he was removed from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. His app was taken off the Apple app store, and he was basically deplatformed from the internet.

I'm not a huge fan of Alex. I find his journalism to be nothing more than sensationalism and "fear" porn. However, he has his version of the story, and should be free to speak his mind and share it. I'm not going to debate his subject matter, but I will say this... If they can deplatform him based on his topics and political views, they can do the same to anyone and any topic. What happens if the tech giants get a hardon for cryptocurrency? Many crypto bloggers could face the same fate in the future. On top of that, I feel like the tech companies think I'm too stupid to discern fact from fiction. It's insulting to our intelligence.

We can not allow our social media platforms to become nothing more than echo chambers of the state approved narrative. It's dangerous for free speech, it's dangerous for democracy, and it's dangerous for freedom!

Although many of these platforms are public forums, you could argue that they are private companies and they should have the final say on who is allowed to say what on their platforms. I somewhat agree with that! Indeed they do. I also have the right to not use that platform. In this growing age of internet censorship, it's now time to introduce people to Steemit, Minds, Gab.ai, BitChute, and other decentralized, free speech friendly platforms!

The only way these companies will learn that this is OUR internet and we will not abide censorship is to stop using those platforms, and start building and promoting our own. When they lose users, their stock price falls, stockholders get angry, and the company sees the error of their ways.

This entire issue really could be a huge boon for platforms like Steemit. If you hear people complaining about online censorship, make it your obligation to introduce them to sites like Steemit, D.tube, Minds, Gab and some of the other platforms that are starting to spring up all over the internet.

I'm currently making an effort to stop using many platforms I've used for years. The ones I'm still on, I'm actively promoting alternative decentralized platforms. If you're reading from a Tweet, or other social site, I hope you consider joining us on censorship resistant platforms Steemit. This is our internet and it's time to take it back from mega corporations with totalitarian censorship policies.


Now that I got that rant out of the way, I'd like to further my support of Steemit, and start to delegate SteemPower to different projects. I currently have 50 STEEM I'd like to delegate to a project this month. Each month I'd like to add to projects I can delegate SteemPower to.

I'm currently receiving regular payouts from @minnowhelper and would like to find some other projects, that support the Steemit community, and also return some sort of dividend each day? For those that don't know, delegation is a great way to grow your STEEM, and it is worth researching the subject if you don't know anything about it. Anyone have any suggestions for some good projects to delegate some SteemPower to?


Summer Ending & Travel Plans

I can't believe this is the first week of September already. Saturday, August 22nd marks the official first day of Autumn! Summer is almost over :( This summer went by way to fast, and so did this year! We are now 3/4 of the way through the year!

So I started a travel blog to document all the traveling I didn't do this summer LOL. I was supposed to head out to Vermont over the weekend but the weather was cold and rainy all weekend. I'm going to try and get in a Vermont trip before Autumn, but I do have some great ideas for some Autumn trips. Western New York has some beautiful scenery in the fall, and I'm looking forward to sharing some of those sites with you all.

I'm already making plans for some travel, this spring. Also, if this crypto market ever turns around, a cross country trip from NY to California is still in the plans. I'm really trying to figure out how to put that together financially.

Although, I'll be posting most of my travels on Steemit, I'll also be posting to a dedicated travel blog I recently set up. themotorcycledude.com will cover all things travel, and motorcycle related. The Dood hopes you take a moment and check it out!


Crypto Ass Kickings, Coins I Like, & STEEM

So the crypto ass kicking of 2018 continues! The Dood's still way ahead of the game since I first got into crypto 4 years ago. That was a hell of a pump at the end of 2017, but man do I feel bad for the people that bought in to bitcoin at 20K or started investing in the crypto market in early January. I think we expected a correction but there weren't many of us that expected a retracement to last years lows! I've been through this before, and I'm in this for the long haul! This too shall pass, has become my new mantra. Seems to me things are slowly starting to turn around though.

I have no advice for new traders right now, other than, be careful, there are a lot of great opportunities out there if you take your time and look. This is not a time to invest in half assed projects, with a crappy development team, and little community support. Look for strong projects, with active communities, and devs that are putting in the work, and showing results! These will be the first projects to recover IMHO.

As far as coins I like right now... Feathercoin, been a long time hodler and love the price. I"ve been buying those up regularly. Loving the price of Stratis right now. WAVES is currently showing some nice movement. I love the price of ARK but I'm a little concerned about slow development currently. Other coins worthy of mention, SIB, BTA, BAY, PIVX, SMART. Some of these may be a little more high risk, but I like the development and direction these projects are heading in.

Whenever STEEM falls under SteemDollars I like to convert my SteemDollars to STEEM. Right now you're getting about 20% more STEEM for your SteemDollars. I'll then use some STEEM to powerup, and also HODL till the price surpasses the SteemDollar again then cashout some, and convert some back to SteemDollars. I've found this to be a great way to powerup and add to your SBD hodlings.

For the tweeted version.... "Censorship sucks! Support censorshop resistant platforms like Steemit & Minds. Summer ending, last minute trips, Fall arrives. Crypto ass kicking continues, better days coming!"

That's all folks! If you made it to the end, thanks for reading and thanks for taking an interest in The Dood! Safe travels, and happy trading everyone!

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I agree that censorship sucks, but I wonder if a business that relies on advertising on their site wants to be associated with 'hate speech'. They probably have it in their terms that they can take down any account they don't like. Of course some of the censored people may come to Steem and then it's up to the community to decide if they deserve exposure. They may have enough support to do well.

I delegate to various people and I get no direct return from most of them. I won't do it for those who give massive votes to over-promote posts. I'd suggest supporting @SteemFlagRewards. If you highlight abuse of the platform they will give you votes. @steem-ua may be worth a look.

It's going to be interesting to see where crypto goes in the next few months. I hope developments in Steem will boost its profile.

Enjoy your biking.


I agree completely. I think the term "hate speech" and "rascism" gets tossed around a little too quickly these days though. I agree though, nobody wants to be known as the "hate speech" platform. What bothers me more lately is if all the censorship free platforms get labeled "hate speech" sites. So on one hand we'll have censored platforms that are nothing more than echo chambers of the acceptable state narrative, and on the other hand we'll free speech sites, that will be labeled with the stigma of "hate speech" and havens of "rascism". That is one of the nice things about having a voting system. You'd like to think that the cream will rise to the top, and all the rubbish float slowly down to the bottom.

I'll look into SteemFlagRewards & steem-ua thanks.

It's going to be real interesting to see where crypto goes over the next few months. I think 2019 is going to be an important year too. I have a funny feeling, things are going to continue as they have, then start to turn around in 2019.


Are there limits to free speech? Do we allow terrorists and paedophiles a platform? I don't think it's a simple black and white issue. We are still exploring the potential of the internet. The infrastructure is controlled by a few companies and they could choose to restrict some types of data. There may be ways around this with encryption of course, but I suspect we will see more regulation.


It's a slippery slope! Pedophilia is illegal so pedophiles don't get a platform and shouldn't for obvious reasons. As far as the terrorists are concerned, and I'm no sympathizer, but one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. I suppose that's where my concern is... If you're censored for nothing more than an opposing or unpopular view, that's a huge problem for everyone. If we are unable to speak out about an injustice, it becomes an even bigger problem.

I get censoring sex. Nudity and art become an extremely blurry area. But opinions shouldn't be censored. I suppose we can agree to disagree but all I'm really saying is, if major social platforms start censoring unpopular political commentary, it may be time to find new platforms.


I'm playing devil's advocate a bit. It's hard to know where to draw lines. Different cultures will vary on what is acceptable. Those who created the internet may not have foreseen these issues

Revolution is around the corner. New technology age is coming with fireworks if you are looking at the moon 😁 (Our eyes always checking moon When?)


I think so too. New technology is going to change everything. I think we're in an industrial revolution of technology.