#ULOG 8 : Today we Embarked on an indefinite Strike here in school

in ulog •  7 months ago

Hello guys, how you all doing.

i woke up early today due to the notification i got on my phone. Guess what it was.

My SCHOOL embarked on an indefinite strike. the news actually left us with two different feelings.
One was a good one while the other wasn't.

The strike was an opportunity for us to prepare for the examination, but also going on a strike now will enlogate our stay here in school, making us close late.

Getting to school today everywhere was empty, most of the students are gone, classes were really deserted. After walking around the premises for some time, i went to the barbing saloon, took a clean hair cut. was really satisfied on how skillfully the guy handled my hair.7da0a7fe-8c1e-4d87-859f-c427558c5b76.jpg

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