A Little Renovation At Home.. :) Small Changes That Brings Great Joy <3 (ULOG Day 149)

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Hello beautiful people!
How's it going? :)

Something changed! And this change is something for the better. :)
Actually, we are only renting the place where I and my family are staying now... but despite that, this has been our home for almost 10 years. I have spend majority of my years in this place. The owner is also pretty close to my family, so whatever changes we do, she supports us.

Our house is surrounded by bamboo fence and because of the crazy weather, the bamboo fence became weaker. Because of that, we decided to do some renovation for the fence. The owner also helped us by giving us some construction materials we could use for the renovation.

I wasn't able to document the process, but I'm happy to show the result. :)

The main gate looks more beautiful now. We are truly happy to see this change. :) Aside from the front fence, we also changed or renovated the side part, especially the side with our small store.

Papa was trying to do some finishing touches. Aside from the gate, we also placed cement because it is sometimes muddy in this area. Through this, our neighbors who live at the back won't walk through muddy path anymore. There were some footpaths before, so we adjusted them. That way, it can reach to farther places. :)

This is how our small store looks like from the front. :) Since papa retired from work, he and mama has been busy managing this small business alongside other small side businesses. It's really a great help for us especially in our daily consumption. Also, we don't really have to worry about our basic needs, because it's in the store already. (Though, we also shop for our personal groceries separately.)

Yep, we also have a small side gate... so papa won't have to go around from the front gate to close the store at night. Having a side gate is so convenient. :)

Aside from the fence/gate renovation, mama and papa also decided to construct a small open space where we can do some stuff like welcoming visitors, have a small drink with friends or just a place to chill beside the house. Actually, I'm making this post in this new area. :) Let me show some pictures below. ^^

This small space will also serve as a small gym for the family. :)

Well, I can't do my skipping rope here, though... but I can still do so in the front yard. :) Having a sedentary type of job is unhealthy, so exercising is a must. :) So, I try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day... if not, at least 5 times a week. ^^

Having a roof in this place means being protected from both sunny and rainy times. And since the place is semi-open, we can enjoy the cool wind. It's actually sunny today, but the wind is blowing quite strong. There's going to be a huge typhoon this week, but hopefully, it won't do enormous damage. :) (Keep safe, everyone!)

Well, we still have to arrange the plants. This place used to be mama's garden. We just transferred the plants and arrange some of them inside this place as well. Beside this place is where we dry our laundry... if it rains, we can easily place them inside this place as well.

This morning, mama received the curtains we purchased online... Yep, red and white curtains for Christmas. <3 My cousins and aunt are coming over, so Christmas with family this year is going to be very merry. <3 I'm super excited. (^^,)

We are all so happy with the small changes at home. I appreciate the effort of all the people involved in this change. I'm glad to share this story to everyone. ^^Thank you so much for reading this post. Until next time! (^^,)/

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